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Bugs and pests

A humane and sure-fire way to keep pigeons away

A humane and sure-fire way to keep pigeons away is to hang foil tart tins on lengths of string on your balcony railings. They clatter in the breeze and frighten pigeons away. Pigeons like to nest under balcony furniture, so hang some foil tins on the sides and backs of chairs too.

Bugs and pests – An old remedy for deterring Slugs and Snails

An old remedy to deter snails and slugs is to collect as many as possible, morning and evening. Tip them into a bucket of boiling water and let it stand for a few days until the smell becomes fearsome, then strain off the liquid and use it to sprinkle round vulnerable plants, such as the young growth of delphiniums, lettuce and so on – but not on them. The remains of the slugs and snails can also be scattered.

Keep pests away from your rubbish bins trash cans

It has happened to me. I have put the rubbish bag outside overnight only to be welcomed in the morning to all the trash spread all over the yard.

To keep all animals out of the trash for those whom have to set it out to the curb for pick-up, simply spray it and/or the outside of the container with ammonia.

Other things that will keep the animals away are mothball flakes sprinkled on the bags or ant/roach killer. The animals that are bugging you will keep away as they do not like the smell.

Bugs and pests Ants

To get rid of ants mix sunlight liquid dish soap one to one with vinegar and pour on ant hill. the ants die and remainder move. keep pouring on ant hills soon ants are gone.

Ants do not like the smell of mint

Ants do not like the smell of mint, fresh mint from your garden. so if you find a nest of ants, place a big bunch around the nest, and they will be repelled by the smell and leave.

Ants and Cinnamon

If you have a problem with ants in your home, sprinkle cinnamon around on the floor and behind cabinets where you think ants are coming in. This works!

Ants & Catnip

Planting catnip around your house foundation will keep ants from entering your home anywhere that the catnip grows!

Ants under your paving slabs – Get rid of ants

If you have a path made of paving slabs laid in sand and have a problem with ants making nests in the sand, try this.

Mix borax with the sand in the joints. This should kill the ant colonies. Repeat as necessary by sprinkling sand and borax mixture on the paving slabs and sweeping it into the joints with a stiff broom, using a back and forth motion

You can also mix the borax with flour and sprinkle around your home if you find ants are making homes in you home.

Sprinkle uncooked grits around where you see ants. They will take these back to where the ant hill is, and get large as they get wet or eaten.

Ants, ants, ants everywhere? Let’s get rid of them

Ants only come into houses for the purpose of finding food, warmth and shelter. When they find food, they will make the most of it and will establish a trail that leads hack to their nest outside. Follow the trail to the point of entry into the house and block it off with mastic sealer.

Destroy and wipe up every ant you find. Or mix some boric-acid powder (which is lethal to ants) with icing sugar and leave it on their trails. They will eat this and take it back to their nests, where the poison will be spread.

You can repel ants from your home by sprinkling sage or white pepper anywhere that you might have seen ants. You can sprinkle around affected areas, in crevices and in cupboards where this will not bother your pets or children but you will keep ants away at the same time.

Another method is getting rid of ants is to boil one pint of tar in 2 quarts of water and then set this mixture in an uncovered dish where ants gather and they will become ‘stuck’ in the mixture and will not get in your ‘way’ again!

Some people have even tried drawing chalk lines on the floor where they have seen ants. This works great because the ants won’t cross over this chaulk line and you are going to have an ant free basement, kitchen or home!

Another method to keep ants away from your home is to leave apple pieces, cores, or apple peelings any where ants enter your home or you have seen them enter the house. There is something about the acid in the apple that will kill the ants when they take it back to their own home!

Do you love to eat cucumbers? Use your leftover cucumber peelings to keep ants away. Just sprinkle your cucumber peelings wtih a bit of salt and then place them where the ants are or have been and you will be able to keep them away!

It is said that ants hate lemon juice. So squirt lemon juice on windowsills and the bottom of doors. Also bay leaves left by doors and windows will also deter ants.

If you love camping but hate the ants place mothballs about the camp to scare and keep ants away.

You could also use a proprietary ant killer. There is a jelly bait which the workers take back to the nest; an insecticide lacquer for wall and floor junctions; and a puffer pack of powder for blowing into nest entrances and into any cracks, crevices and wall cavities where ants are seen.

Ants also hate peppermint, so a simple deterrent is to buy some peppermints and place them in the corners of your cupboards. They will last for ages and keep the ants well away. It is also said that if you have an ants nest, place a peppermint at the entrance and the ants would rather starve than go near it.

Some also say that ants will never across a chalk line. So get your chalk out and draw a line on the floor or wherever ants tend to march. See for yourself!

How to handle an Ant invasion

1. Never step on or otherwise squash an ant. And never spray an ant with a pesticide. Ants leave a scent when they are injured or killed this way. And, that scent signals many, many more to come to the area where the ant was killed. Vacuum them instead! They won’t have a chance to leave their scent. However, if you do squash an ant, immediately clean the area where you killed the ant with a good cleaning solution to get rid of the ant’s scent.

2. If ants are invading your home, vacuum the ants that you see until you find out where they are entering your home. Once you discover their entryway, make a circle of petroleum jelly (Vaseline) around the opening. Ants never walk on petroleum jelly. It’s toxic to them. Make that circle at least 4 inches in diameter. This will provide the ants with enough area to walk in and will prevent them from going further than the circle. Put an ant poison inside the circle. The ants are sure to find it. Leave the ants alone to consume the poison. Pretty soon, no more ants.

3. If you have pets that are kept in terrariums or cages on stands, such as reptiles or birds, place petroleum jelly around the full circumference of the legs of the stand. This will prevent ants from attacking your pets. And, the treatment can last for years. If your terrarium has electrical appliances in them, such as heaters or lights, simply place petroleum jelly on the wire so that ants cannot climb into the habitat via the electrical wire.

You can sprinkle ground cinnamon any place that you do not want ants, They really HATE cinnamon. I sprinkle it into the carpet under my parrots cage and then lightly sweep it down into the carpet so it is not noticeable would only suggest doing this on brown or darker carpets, but you could always try a test spot on other colors first) Repeat process as needed.

One more trick that I use on the walls, kitchen counters, food cabinets, and also on really just about everything that you wouldn’t want or couldn’t use cinnamon on. I mix peppermint extract and water together and wash down the item with a sponge dampened in the solution. I also put the mixture into a (brand new never used) spray bottle and spray on tile floors, entry ways, in my garbage cans, etc. Repeat as needed.

Ants – Get rid of them with sage

When you have ants, just out down some dried sage and you will not see another ant, plus its safe for the children as well.

Bugs and pests Bee stings

If you are stung by a bee, make a paste out of meat tenderizer and water and apply to the bite as soon as possible. Takes the hurt out of bees and wasps. I have used this for years on myself and my children and grandkids.

Bee, wasp or hornet sting try cool tiles or water

If stung by a bee, wasp or hornet put no weight at all. If you are stung on your foot and place it on a cool tile floor. This will soothe the pain.

Or you can keep it in warm water.I have a bee sting right now and I’ve tried these tips and they work!

Don’t do nothing to it! Here is what you can do:

1. If you want put cool water on it for about 1 min.

2.If you just got stung pull the stinger out ASAP before the all the venom flows.

3. DON’T move. It will only make it pump faster.

4. STAY CALM. If there are still bees around you don’t make a sound! they will find you and sting you until you are quiet.

Birds – How to stop birds flying into windows

I have spent many years trying to figure out a method in trying to stop birds from flying in my windows. We have many really large windows and I have tried countless ways in hoping that I could prevent this type of tragedy.

The one idea that works the best for me so far is sticking those little glow in the dark stars.  What I do is put them on different spots on the window outside, the birds see them and when we look out the window we have a hard time seeing them therefore they  don’t obscure our view.

It is rare now that a bird hits my windows. I used to have at least over 5 birds hit the windows every day. When we shut the lights off at night the stars glow.

Bugs and pests Birds hitting windows

If you have problems with birds on your window sills, you can get control over the situation without hurting the birds. Just sprinkle pepper over the window sills on the outside and they will leave your home alone!

The birds are hitting the glass because they don’t see it. Simply attaching something flat to your window will allow the bird to recognize it as glass.

At my school they cut out ‘v’ shaped bird wings in black paper.

Borax kills Roaches

Roaches breathe through their exoskeletons and borax clogs up their exoskeletons so they can’t breathe anymore. Sprinkle this around your kitchen baseboards or if you have young children, in areas where they can’t reach. You won’t have a problem with roaches anymore!

Bugs and pests Bracken spray for dealing with blackfly

This old recipe is effective against blackfly on, for example, broad beans and runner beans but not against cherry blackfly.

The bracken must be gathered when brown and brittle dry. Pulp the leaves and store in paper bags until wanted.

Using a measuring jar, measure out 120cc (4fl oz) of the bracken and pour on 420cc (14fl oz) of hot water, stir and allow to soak for twenty-four hours, strain, then bottle into airtight jars and keep out of the reach of children, of course.

For use as a spray, dilute 25cc (1 fl oz) to 4.5 litres (1 gal) of rainwater and spray each day for three days.

Bugs and pests Cleaning liquid that doubles as a bug killer….

If menacing bees, wasps, hornets, or yellow jackets get in your home and you can’t find the insecticide, try a spray of Formula 409. Insects drop to the ground instantly.

We have white siding on our house. we wash it down with clorox and water but the bugs come back in a short period of time. Is there something we can use to wash it down that repels bugs?

Bugs and pests Cockroaches

Cockroaches can be a very disgusting little pests, that is high humidity or very wet areas will appear all the time. Having cockroaches does not mean that your home is dirty (in some cases it does but) lots of water near your home and warm temperatures are a drawing factor for cockroaches. To keep cockroaches from bothering you, use a few Hedge Apples cut up and placed around your home to keep the cockroaches at bay.

Keeping all your food in containers, where they can smell or get to your food will be important.

You can make a mixture of cocoa, flour, and borax, sprinkling it around the floors will keep cockroaches from coming back (this is poison that you can’t use with children or pets!)

Cola for Mice. Cola will kill mice

Cola can be used as a safe way to kill mice. Pour some in a small container, the mice will drink the cola. Because they can not burp or vomit they will become bloated and die.

Bugs and pests Dealing with skunks

I once had a skunk attempt to take up residence under the crawl space of our home. Any attempt to remove it would have met with smelly consequences. Someone told me to take a cloth and soak it in ammonia, then throw it under the house away from the crawl space door and leave the door open. It worked like a charm. The skunk left and I was able to secure the door to prevent his return.

Discouraging ant trails with baby powder

A nice non-toxic way to stop ants from marching about is to sprinkle baby powder on their trail or in the area they threaten (like around pet food bowls).

They slip and slide and then give up and go away.

Mosquito repellant. Dryer sheet as a mosquito repellant

To keep mosquitos away take any brand of dryer sheet. Rub the sheet over any exposed skin. When you are done stick the sheet in your pocket. This method has been tested against store bought repellants and works WAY better. And is alot safer for you children. And besides you’ll smell springtime fresh all day.

Easy storage and carrying of snail bait.

Store snail bait or granular fertilizers in plastic container used for cereal or juice that have a spout on them. They are so much easier to carry than a large bag or box, and can pour much easier.

Bugs and pests Elder for killing aphids, caterpillars or mildew

This kills aphids, small caterpillars and is useful as a fungicide for mildew and blackspot on roses. The toxic agent is hydro-cyanic acid, so in preparing the spray use an old saucepan.

Gather 450g (1 lb) leaves and young stems of elder preferably in spring when the sap is rising. Place in the saucepan and add 3.3 litres (6pt) water. Boil for half an hour, topping up as necessary. Strain through old tights and use the liquid cold and undiluted. It will keep for three months if bottled tightly while still hot.

Twigs of elder, cut in the spring and placed at intervals, inverted V-wise, over early turnip rows, are said to ward off attack by flea beetles.

Eliminating evil earwigs!

The tell-tale sign of pincher bug (or Earwiggle) damage are tiny circular holes bitten into foliage and petals. To further confirm, go out at night, if you’re very brave, with a flashlight, as they are nocturnal.

Leave out an old newspaper, slightly rolled. The scary bugs will take refuge between the pages. In morning, pick it up and toss it into the garbage.

Clover mites. Fight off clover mites

To fight off clover mites, put dried camphor on your window sills – works like a charm!

Flies. Deter flies from your garbage

Garbage, trash or rubbish. What ever name you choose it is still going to attract flies. So read on for a couple of simple tips to keep flies away from your garbage:

Keeping oranges around your home and around garbage cans will prevent flies from coming around. All you have to do is take an orange, make a little cut in it, and the citrus smell is going to keep the flies away.

Hanging bunches of cloves around where your garbage cans sit is going to deter flies from the garbage.

Gnats and flying insects. Trash cans and flying insects. Gnats

You will find that mosquitoes, gnats and other flying insects are attracted to your kitchen and trash / rubbish due to the household waste and the items that you are preparing in the kitchen. Generally speaking peelings and rotten food fruit and vegetables are the main culprits.

So to cut down on mosquitoes, gnats and other flying insects around the kitchen and trash cans / rubbish bins, either wash all peelings, the inside of the cans, etc, Or get a zip lock bag and put all scraps in bag, then throw away when full.

Regular washing of your trash can / rubbish bin is always a good idea or at the very least pour disinfectant in there from time to time.

Bugs and pests Get rid of ants, ear wigs & spiders

A way to get rid of ants, ear wigs, spiders and such is take 1 table spoon of Baking soda and 1 table spoon of icing sugar. Put in a container where the little creatures can get in, they can get in but they can’t get out as they will eat the icing sugar and baking soda and bloat up and not be able to get out.

Get rid of fruit flies with wine

Place a small bowl of wine in a dish and the flies will drown in the wine.

Fruit Flies Get rid of fruit flies with ease

Fruit flies are tiny little flies that are attracted by the fermentation of over ripe, fruits and vegetables, vinegar, fruit juices and yeasts that you might have sitting on your counter in the kitchen or pantry.

If you wish to make a trap to eliminate these little blighters, simply fill a jar with their favorite foods. Like vinegar, over ripe fruit etc. Insert a paper or metal funnel into the mouth of the baited jar. The flies will fly in through the funnel but will not be able to fly out which will help clear out your kitchen of these little pests.

Around your home there are several precautions that you can take to prevent the build up of these flies in your home. Promptly pick up fallen fruit or tomatoes from the garden and keep rubbish bags tightly sealed.

You can use sticky strips hung from the ceiling in areas near the kitchen to help catch fruit flies and other flying insects.

Getting a wasp, bee, bug out of the house

Sometimes you find a bee, wasp, beetle, or unidentified flying insect and you just want to get it back outside where it belongs.

These types of insects have a predictable behavior: they will climb to the top of whatever they’re on, and then fly off. They don’t want to fly until they’ve reached the top.

So carry the critter on a piece of paper, or your hand, or whatever object it’s on, and keep turning it so that it never reaches the top until you’re outside. Then watch as it finishes its climb, tests the wind, spreads its little wings, and returns to its own world.

Bugs and pests – Getting rid of fleas in your house

Sometimes the store bought fumigators only kill the hatched fleas but not the unhatched eggs. If fumigating doesn’t work try buying the all-purpose cleaning powder “Borax”. Spread it over the carpet and furniture generously. Pound it into the carpet, corners and any other place with a broom for better penetration.

A face mask may be necessary to prevent inhaling the powder. Let it sit for a few hours. Then vacuum up.

The powder absorbs the flea’s natural oils as the move around in it thus dehydrating them to death. It also dries up the eggs.

Seed this for a full 3 weeks vacuuming every day, then sprinkle liberally with borax after, no effect whatsoever, save your money!!

Getting rid of silverfish

Silverfish are attracted to damp areas in your home and feed on paper – ie ; wallpaper, books, etc. If you sprinkle whole cloves around the areas where you’ve seen them…they shouldn’t stick around too much longer.

Good Bugs. What are beneficial pests around your home

If you are constantly overrun with pests in the home or in the garden – learn to control your bad pests with good little creatures. The good bugs and critters are frogs, spiders, ladybugs, dragonflies, and praying mantises. These critters all help control all the other varieties of pests that you just hate like flies, ants, maggots, fruit flies, aphids and more!

Mosquitoes, gnats, midges and other flying insects keep them at bay

To ward off mosquitoes, gnats, midges and other flying insects try one of these home recipes. I have 2 recipes for homemade repellent that should keep mosquitoes, gnats, midges and other flying insects away from you

Recipe 1

▪              4 tablespoons of baby oil

▪              1 tablespoon of Dettol

Mix well together and apply to skin. Apparently the anglers in Scotland use it all the time and I suppose they should know how to keep midges away if anyone does !

Recipe 2

▪              1 tablespoon of vanilla extract

▪              1 cup of water

Simply mix together and apply to the skin. You can also place some neat vanilla extract in a small open container where the gnats tend to congregate and this will keep them away.

Other ideas

Mosquitoes will keep off you and your kids if you rub oranges or onions all over your exposed skin.

Planting tansy, mint, or basil in containers around your deck or patio will keep mosquitoes from flying near you while you are outdoors.

Burning citronella candles around your deck or patio is going to keep mosquitoes from coming around you.

Homemade squirrel repellent

To keep squirrels off bird feeders add cayenne pepper, birds still feed pests hate it.

Hot tip for repelling leaf munching bugs

Any of the home remedy recipe mixes I have used to keep pests off my plants – I found adding a tablespoon of Tabasco hot sauce per gallon helps a lot in repelling more of leaf munching bugs.

How to get ants away from your house..

Use a regular talcum powder (baby powder) and just sprinkle around the house. Ants will never cross that line for they don’t like the smell of it.

How to get rid of ants with white pepper

I was infested with ants last year but i found a cure which I must share. It really does work. Put ground white pepper into the cracks where the ants nest is and also sprinkle plenty actually on them.

Bugs and pests – How to handle Ant invasions

Never step on or otherwise squash an ant. And never spray an ant with a pesticide. Ants leave a scent when they are injured or killed this way. And, that scent signals many, many more to come to the area where the ant was killed. Vacuum them instead! They won’t have a chance to leave their scent. However, if you do squash an ant, immediately clean the area where you killed the ant with a good cleaning solution to get rid of the ant’s scent.

If ants are invading your home, vacuum the ants that you see until you find out where they are entering your home. Once you discover their entryway, make a circle of petroleum jelly (Vaseline) around the opening. Ants never walk on petroleum jelly. It’s toxic to them. Make that circle at least 4 inches in diameter. This will provide the ants with enough area to walk in and will prevent them from going further than the circle. Put an ant poison inside the circle. The ants are sure to find it. Leave the ants alone to consume the poison. Pretty soon, no more ants.

If you have pets that are kept in terrariums or cages on stands, such as reptiles or birds, place petroleum jelly around the full circumference of the legs of the stand. This will prevent ants from attacking your pets. And, the treatment can last for years. If your terrarium has electrical appliances in them, such as heaters or lights, simply place petroleum jelly on the wire so that ants cannot climb into the habitat via the electrical wire.

I heard that leaving bay leaves by doors and windows or wherever the ants are entering will prevent them from coming into the house.

Recipe to help to keep bugs off

Here is a recipe for a repellant that will keep most bugs away

●             mix 1/2 cup baby oil

●             1/2 cup water

●             1/2 cup table salt

●             1/2 cup citronella oil non flammable you can buy it at Wal-Mart cheap it hydrates the skin and keeps bugs away

Bugs and pests How to kill Fire Ants

Take a box of Cream of Wheat spread the cereal over and around the Ants nest The Ants will take it into their nest and eat it it will expand after they eat it and kill them My place was infested with the critters after 4 weeks I am totally free of the ants

Bugs and pests How to kill poison tolerate cockroaches

Put rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle. When you see roaches shoot them with alcohol, they die immediately. The alcohol evaporates quickly and is safe to use in cooking area.

Bugs and pests – keep all kinds of animals out of your trash bags

Keep all kinds of animals out of your trash bags, spray pure bleach or ammonia directly on the bag after it is outside , no kind of varmint will touch it.

Keep ants away with dried thyme

Sprinkle dried thyme around the door, window seal etc where the ants are entering and they will venture into your home no-more! Very child friendly.

Bugs and pests Keep cats of your garden

Cats hate the smell of any citrus fruit so i.e. chop lemons in segments and spread them in places where the cat tends to roam. This tip came from a bird sanctuary.

Bugs and pests Keep cockroaches from entering your home

One way to keep cockroaches from coming in your home, close up any small cracks or gaps in your home. Where pipes come in your home, fill this with caulking or SOS fibers. Use screens on doors, windows, and other inlets to the house. Be sure that your walls and cupboards don’t have any cracks in them and put caulking where needed. Make sure you clean up the floors throughout your home all the time.

Keep Flies Away. Deter flying insects from your home

Flies can spread at least 30 different diseases to people and animals. They lay their eggs on rotting meat and other rubbish/garbage and in warm weather multiply at a phenomenal rate. So if you are having problems with flies in areas of your home where you would rather them not to be then have a read of a few tips I have listed below that should help deter flies.

Flies are attracted to food and rubbish/garbage. So keep all food and rubbish tightly covered, clean your rubbish bins with disinfectant regularly especially in the summer months.

Do not keep piles of manure or rotting compost, rotting fruit or vegetables near your house as they attract flies.

Put up fly screens over windows or doors. Fly screens can be a fine mesh that allows air through but does not allow insects. You can also buy tape screens that hang over your door that you can sweep to one side as you walk through.

At night many flying insects are attracted by light. So if you leave your windows open at night and have your lights on then you are going to attract a multitude of unwanted visitors around your light bulbs. If you have to leave a light on and you window open then make a homemade fly screen out of some very fine mesh or netting and tape it over the open window. The finer the fabric the better. The mesh will stop the insects in their tracks.

As a general rule flying insects do not like smoke. So light an incense stick or a candle to drive them away from an area. There special candles that contain citronella that also deter certain flies.

If you are trying to deter flies from congregating in a particular area then leave a dish out containing molasses and black pepper. It will deter the airborne menaces.

To stop wasps, hornets or bees in their tracks give them a spray with some hairspray. Please be careful where you are spraying hairspray though as it is not nice stuff to be spraying around. If you do hit a bee or other insect then do quickly put the creature out of it’s misery as spraying it with hairspray is not killing it, it is merely disabling it.

There are also a few natural herbs that deter flies. Put sprigs of elder, lavender, mint, pennyroyal, rue or southern wood in vases, or hang them up to keep flies away. Rub the leaves frequently so that the smell is released.

Moths. Keep moths away

Keep your outdoor lights out when you don’t really need them on. Moths are attracted to the light.

If you have a pack of moths outside of your door because of the light, walk slowly and close the door quickly so the moths can’t get in and they are not spooked by the activity.

To get rid of moths in the basement, in the attic or anywhere in your home, hang sachets of cedarwood chips to keep moths away.

You can also wrap some cloves in pieces of cheesecloth or a material that will let the smell of the cloves out and suspend them from your closet rod or tuck them into clothes’ pockets to keep moths away as well.

Pigeons – Simple way to keep pigeons away

Pigeons can be a real pest especially if you live in a flat or apartment. the pigeons love to land on railings and their mess can be harmful if it becomes dry and is inadvertently inhaled.

So a simple little idea is to rub some petroleum jelly on the places that the pigeons land. They hate the feel of it. They might even slip off, which might be quite funny to watch.. It will make them find somewhere less slippery to land. Another more direct approach was suggested in a tip sent into the site. To keep pigeons off your window sills use double sided tape with thumb tacks poking up through the top (the sharper the better) Nails work well also. Those pesky little birds can’t stand or sit on your sills anymore!

Bugs and pests Keep Pigeons off your window sills

To keep pigeons off your window sills use double sided tape with thumb tacks poking up through the top (the sharper the better) Nails work well also. Those pesky little birds can’t stand or sit on your sills anymore!

Keep rabbits from eating your flowers and vegetables

Keep rabbits away from vegetable gardens and flower decorations by planting marigolds around them. They look good but keep rabbits from nibbling everything (plus you don’t have to get your hands full of rabbit blood-ugh!)

The only way is to use body hold traps. This works or a homemade rabbit “gum”. All else is a waste of your time and money.

Blood meal works great unless it rains. You have to get out there before the bunnies to put another helping down or your flowers are gone

Bugs and pests Keep rabbits out of your garden or yard

If you are troubled with rabbits coming into your garden or yard try this tip.

Put dog hair around your garden on a regular basis, the smell will keep unwanted animals out of your garden.

Bugs and pests Keep snakes out of your yard

If you are troubled with snakes in your garden or yard try this tip.

Keep squirrels away from plants, bulbs and bird feeders

Squirrels are fun to watch. They are very ingenious and cunning on their quest for food. However their idea of food is not always what we have in mind. So here are a few ideas.

If squirrels are eating your young plants or bulbs then sprinkle some blood meal around the bulb or on the surface of the soil near the new plants. The squirrels will give them a wide birth.

To keep squirrels away from bird feeders. Add liberally a cheap brand of cayenne pepper to bird seed. Squirrels hate it.

I have also had the following tip sent into the site that could be very effective. To keep the squirrels or rabbits from digging up your garden you can buy dried fox urine and sprinkle it in the garden, but it can be costly for a small envelope. Instead I had my husband urinate in a jar and sprinkled it in my garden. Viola, no more digging. Ask any hunter and he/she will tell you that you never urinate in the woods or the deer won’t come near the smell of human urine. Male urine works better because of the hormones, male cats are attracted to hormones in female urine.

Bugs and pests – Keep your carpets flea free

Keep your carpets flea free by sprinkling plain borax around the carpet and working in with a broom. Kills live fleas and eggs by dehydration. Totally safe for pets and children. Lasts for the whole season.

Bugs and pests keeping ants away

To keep ants away and out of your home, it helps to keep the children from eating in the living room, in their bedrooms – or anywhere away from the kitchen.

This is dumb. You can’t stop kids from sneaking snacks in the bedrooms. Plus if you have ants, you have ants. where you eat is not a factor.

Bugs and pests Kill Fleas on pets or in carpet

Add a few drops of DAWN dishwashing liquid to your pet’s bath/shampoo. It will kill the fleas right away.

You can also add a few drops with some water in a small dish and place it on the floor and the fleas will jump in and die. Fleas in your carpet? 20 Mule Team Borax-sprinkle and let stand for 24 hours. I have also used salt for this. The baby fleas eat the salt thinking it is the mother’s feces and die.

Kill fleas with wieners

Burn 3 or 4 wieners in a pot you won’t need to use again. Burn them until the smoke fills the house (they give off a lot of smoke) let it stay a couple of hours and then air the house out. ALL FLEAS WILL BE DEAD.

Bugs and pests Kill slugs quickly

If you want to kill slugs quickly, just sprinkle a little salt on them,best time is in the evening or after a rain.

When you use salt it makes a mess and it is hard to clean up! USE BAKING SODA INSTEAD!!! It takes about 1/2 cup depending on the size of the slug. Baking soda dehydrates them & absorbs the mess! *KEEP THE SLUG COVERED UNTIL IT NO LONGER TRIES TO GET OUT!* The slug looks like dough, and you can just sweep it up!!

Fly Trap Make your own fly traps or flypaper with ease

Flies in the home are a real pest, so have a look at the following ideas to make your own fly trap or fly paper…!

Fly trap

1/4 cup of. Vinegar

1/4 cup of. sugar


Put first 2 ingredients in and put enough water in a jar to make it about 1/2 full and punch a couple holes in the lid. Works great! Good for Patios or barns

Fly paper recipe 1

The following will make a six 18inch strips of fly paper that will be irresistible to flies.

4 fl oz Golden Syrup

1 tablespoon dark brown sugar

1 tablespoon granulated sugar

Combine the ingredients in a small bowl and then place six 18 inch strips of brown paper in a flat container and cover them with the sticky mixture. Leave  them to soak overnight. Next day scrape off all the excess mixture make a little hole in one end and insert a string. Hang near open doorways and windows.

Flypaper recipe 2

To make your own flypaper, take a brown paper bag and cut it into small manageable strips. Using a quart of corn syrup and a quart of water, boil this mixture and then dunk your strip of paper into the mixture. Hang your strip using a thumb tac and you are on your way to collecting those little bugs in your home!

Bugs and pests Mice

It you have been seeing mice around your home there are a few things you can do. Using a can of foam insulation or caulking – be sure to go around your home and fill in any small holes or cracks that you find. Repair holes in concrete and bricks around your home to put a stop to mice from coming in.

Sprinkling potato flake around your rooms where you have been seeing mice will make them eat these flakes and they will bloat up needing water.

Using the trusty mouse trap with peanut butter!

If you don’t like the peanut butter trick, there are sticky traps that you can use to catch mice just as easy. Look in home centers near you.

OK- they are mice- but the sticky traps are a fate no one should have to suffer! At least the “Old traps” are an instant death instead of having to suffer through fright, starvation and dehydration!

Bugs and pests Mice

If you have a few holes where you think that mice are coming into your home, just put some steel wool into these holes. The mice won’t chew through the steel wool, and they won’t get into the house!

Mole Problem? Keep moles out of your garden or yard

Moles are not really bad little animals, they just like to share our gardens and yards making a home for themselves. If you are having problems with moles eating your bulbs and digging in the yard, then have a look at the following

Using glass milk bottle, dig holes in the soil and insert the milk bottle so that just the neck sticks out. Do this anywhere that you want the moles to keep away from, and where you know that they are living right now. The noise created by the wind blowing over the bottlenecks will drive the Moles mad. They will pack up and move to another home away from the milk bottles.

Here is another thing that Moles dislike: Eucalyptus leaves. You can buy eucalyptus leaves from herbal stores, home centers and some flower shops. Push the leaves down the holes that the little moles have left behind.

If you are an experienced gardener, you may already know that Moles will damage and eats the roots of your cultivated plants in the garden. Next time you are digging a trench to plant your young seedlings be sure to line it with fine gauge wire netting so that the mole will not be able to ‘get to’ your plants.

Moles also hate vibration. So another great idea is to buy a few children’s pinwheels. The type that move around in the wind. Place them around your garden where moles are a problem and you find that they will soon be heading elsewhere.

Do you know someone that clips their dog hair. If so ask them for some of the dog hair. Stuff the dog hair down the mole holes. The moles will hate it.

Bugs and pests Moles

When I moved to this house with a large yard everywhere I stepped in the yard my foot sunk down mole holes. I went to the department store and bought several garden pinwheels. The kind children play with only larger for garden use. A short while later no moles. Those little critters can not stand vibration. As the pinwheel turns the ground shakes. My neighbor said she put clippings from her dog (when she cut him for the summer) in the opening of hole and it worked for her.

Bugs and pests Moles

If moles are a constant problem you can take defense and make them move on to another yard or flower bed. You will need to mix caster oil and some liquid detergent (either dish liquid or laundry detergent) and mix this together until you have reached a whipped like substance. Put this over areas where you have been seeing the moles.

Treating your lawn for grubs and worms will help moles move out of your flower bed as well.

Most home stores do sell a mole pellet (not sure what is in it) but they say this works as well.

Mosquito – Flying insects Keep mosquitoes away from your home

If you are going to be outside, don’t wear blue! It is thought that mosquitoes love the color blue and they are attracted to it.

When you see mosquitoes on your walls, in your windows, or attracted near lights, turn on the vacuum and just suck them up!

If you are overrun with mosquitoes, plant a few herbs in the garden to repel them. Basil in particular is an herb that will repel mosquitoes!

Bugs and pests – No more bug bite itchiness

Saliva stops the itch from mosquito bites, ant bites, and most small bug bites. Try it, it works!

Saliva doesn’t work, but baking soda does! Just mix it with a little water to form a toothpaste like consistency, and then dab on the insect bite or bee sting. When it’s dry, do it again, or cover it with a bandage to keep it moist longer. You can also mix about 2 tablespoons of baking soda with a cup of water and use it as a compress. Colloidal oatmeal baths with epsom salt helps too, but you have to soak for a while

Keep Rabbits away from your garden

If you have a problem with rabbits eating your plants just place some small sticks around the plants, string with garden twine between the sticks and wet the string with Jeyes Fluid. The smell will keep them away all season. You can also just use sticks and dab Jeyes Fluid onto the sticks.

Bugs and pests Relieve wasp stings

When our kids get stung by a wasp, I always grab a fresh slice of onion and tape it over the sting.

Within an hour we remove it and the pain is gone and you can hardly see the sting.

Removal of love bugs from your car

To easily remove love bugs from your car, take a small piece of outdoor carpeting (the green type) with water and scrape off the love bugs. It will not harm the paint on your car.

Bugs and pests Rhubarb spray for killing aphids

The oxalic acid in rhubarb leaves is a safe control agent for aphids, particularly those on roses. Cut 450g (1lb) rhubarb leaves, place in an old saucepan with 1.1 litres (2pt) water and boil for half an hour, topping up as necessary. When cool, add ltsp soap flakes dissolved in 275ml (l/2pt) warm water. This acts as the wetting agent when added to the strained rhubarb liquid. Stir the mixture thoroughly and use undiluted as a spray.

Rid your garden of snails and slugs

An effective and completely safe method to rid your garden of snails/slugs is to apply a liberal sprinkling of tobacco dust. It kills the pests (as well as their eggs when it works its way into the soil) and drives the survivors away. Reapply after rain, as it seems to lose its effect when it gets wet. Tobacco dust should be available at any nursery.

Roach preventative when building a new house

When you are building the house and before the walls are rocked, pour LOTS of boric acid in all the outside walls over the studs. You might get a few cockroaches in the house, but they will be obviously sick and there won’t be many of them.

We did this in our own house and roaches are a big problem in our area and when I do see one, they are very slow or they have already assumed the position and have their feet flailing in the air.

Slugs in the garden tackled with beer

My grandmother used to do this in her garden when she had a vegetable garden. She showed me and I thought it was funny. She put a bowl of beer in the garden and never had a problem with the slugs on the vegetables; all the slugs would go to the bowl of beer and drink themselves to death.

Sluggo is iron phosphate. It lasts in pellet form fairly long …it works and it is natural. I have tried everything else that did not work.

Cockroaches – Solve a Cockroach problem Pests tips

You can get rid of those cockroaches in and around your home using one of the following great tips:

●             If your home is infested with cockroaches you can use a mixture of baking soda and powdered sugar to keep cockroaches away.  Sprinkle the mxture behind your appliances, under cabinets and anywhere they you have been seeing cockroaches where your pets and children can’t get at it.

●             Mixing oatmeal, plaster of paris and flour together and spreading this powder around your home where you see cockroaches will keep them away.

●             This is a bait recipe that you can use inside and outside of the home to kill off cockroaches. Using baby jar lids, or similar small metal lids, pour a mixture of boric acid and sugar into the lids and place them in spaces where your children and pets cannot reach. Under the fridge, under the sinks, in cracks in the wall, in the attic and in the basement as well as places outside where you see cockroaches most often – and this will kill off the cockroaches that are attracted to and that eat this mixture.

You can also sprinkle this mixture in crevices and, if building or remodeling, between walls before putting up plaster board.

Caution: Keep mixture away from children and pets. If ingested in large quantities, or even in small amounts over several days, boric acid can be harmful.

Spiders – Keep spiders away with these great tips

●             Don’t you just hate spiders in the house? Rid your house of spiders by leaving a cotton ball wet with oil of pennyroyal where spiders are most often seen! You won’t see them any more!

●             Keeping your outside plants away from the house will keep the spiders from crawling up the siding and in the house.

●             Make sure all your houseplants are kept in well lit areas so that they don’t get too damp and then they will not attract spiders.

Bugs and pests – Squirrels digging in garden pots

To keep the squirrels or rabbits from digging up your garden you can buy dried fox urine and sprinkle it in the garden, but it’s 3.50 for a small envelope. Instead I had my husband urinate in a jar and sprinkled it in my garden. Vola, no more digging. Ask any hunter and he/she will tell you that you never urinate in the woods or the deer won’t come near the smell of human urine. Male urine works better because of the hormones, male cats are attracted to hormones in female urine.

Stop flea invasion with “GARLIC@BREWSYEAST”

Here is a very simple recipe for flea problems. Just mix ¼ teaspoon of brewers yeast that you can buy at your local health food store and ¼ spoon of organic garlic, ground not powder and the fresher the better. This is also very good in the prevention of heartworm.

Both ingredients should be organic to insure it’s free from all pesticides and chemicals of any kind. Do the very best for your babies and with this, you are doing just that!

Do you shake it on them like powder, or do they eat it? How do we give it to the pets.

Tipking says: The tip is a little unclear. however I have done a little searching and YES you do sprinkle it on their food. Also there is evidence that brewer’s yeast controls worms. Do the following search at Google with these 4 words …. garlic brewer’s yeast fleas

Bugs and pests – Stop the bite of horse flies

If your wear a pair of sunglasses on the back of your head, it will confuse the horse fly and he will fly away. The sunglasses give the look of eyes in the back of your head .

Taking the pain out of insect stings

I was surprised when my husband suggested I pour some ammonia on my foot when I was stung repeatedly by a scorpion. I’ve been stung before and just suffered from it for days. The ammonia took the sting out immediately. This also works on bee stings or any other kind of insect sting. Cheap enough!

Witch Hazel also works well.

When I was a teenager and babysitting a little, I happened to be skimming a Dr. Spock book while at a job. Spock recommends this for insect bites and just after reading this, one of the boys I was watching was stung by a hornet. He was running around screaming (very dramatic child) and I came out with the ol’ Witch Hazel and he finally quieted down. His mother told me that, the next day, he didn’t even have a red spot!

Must be some sort of “drawing out” factor in the ammonia and Witch Hazel…whatever it is, it’s a good thing because they’re cheap and work well!

The most effective cockroach trap is

The most effective cockroach trap is an open glass container (jam or jelly jar), or anything like it that might be even larger, that has a couple of fingers of beer in the bottom and vegetable or olive oil smeared around the inside rim. The cockroaches are drawn to the smell of hops and barley and drown in the beer when they can’t climb out. This will actually rid an area of cockroaches over a short time, and it works on American and German cockroaches just as well – which is handy because they’re the two most common pest cockroaches we have here in Australia,; the native cockroaches are plentiful and more numerous in diversity than anywhere else in he world (including the world’s largest cockroach that some people keep for pets) but they’re smart enough to prefer rainforests to residential homes.

Thrips – tiny black flies that live in houseplants

If you have Thrips, tiny black flies that live in houseplants plants. Cloves of garlic in the earth,  will keep them away but if you have them now in your plants it will take a month or so to get rid of them but it really works. I had an infestation of them and tried every thing, someone told me about the garlic, it works!!

Bugs and pests – Ticks

While you may not like the smell much, using vicks vapor rub on your hands and arms before going into a tick infected area will keep ticks from attacking you!

Tip for killing flies wasps inside the home

For killing flies/wasps inside the home- Use Windex! Often times, flies or wasps end up on your windows or glass doors.  I spray them with Windex (although any glass cleaner would work).  Then the insect becomes delirious and falls.  I spray them again so they can’t fly off and then I smash them with a paper towel.  If the insect is on the door, I do give them one chance to live by opening the door to let them out.  If they don’t go out, they’re mine!

Bugs and pests – Tip to deal with Slugs and Snails

To keep slugs away from sensitive plants sprinkle eggshells around them. Ash and grit are also supposed to be effective. Sprinkle slugs with salt to kill them. It is also possible to trap slugs using containers in the ground that have some beer in the bottom. Empty grapefruit halves work as well. Vaseline smeared around plant pots stops slugs getting to the plants inside.

To deter moles from digging up your garden, harmlessly

Push a 2ft stick into the newest mole hill. Remove the cap and slide a 2 litre plastic bottle onto the pole. The bottle will rattle in the wind sending vibrations into the ground and so scares the moles.

Get rid of unwanted cats in your garden

If you are troubled with unwanted cats in your garden or yard. It is said that it you cut a few lengths of black garden hose and place them around the garden the cats will stay away.

Soak used tea bags in Jeyes Fluid and bury about 20 – 30mm under the soil around your plants. Cats can’t stand it and the tea bags deteriorate as compost!

Use borax as an insecticide in the home

Borax can be sprinkled in carpets, beds, furniture and especially around baseboards to help control pesky pests. I live in Florida where fleas, roaches and ants are very prevalent. This has been the most non-toxic relief I have found!

Leave in carpet and broom or rake it in deep to control a flea infection. Leave on furniture and bedding for at least an hour and vacuum, don’t worry about what falls into the cracks .

Use peanut butter as ant bait

WE had an ant problem a few weeks ago. I tried every thing from white pepper to cinnamon well they didn’t work. WELL I made my own ant bait.

First you will need 1/4 tsp of baking soda 1/2 tsp of borax and 1 tsp of peanut butter mix all and put in a small container bottle caps.

Wasp and Bee Nests Around the Home

Blow up brown paper bags to look like nests. Hang them around your home where the wasps are not wanted. They won’t nest where there is a brown paper nest already because they are territorial.

Wasp Killer (not nice but some folks like to do it)

Remove the cap and carefully cut the top section (5″) off a 2 ltr pop bottle. Drop a piece of fruit into the bottom then turn the top half upsidedown and rest it onto the main body. (you should now have the neck hanging down inside the body)

Tape this section to the bottom half securely.

Place the bottle in the problem area.

The wasps will be attracted to the fruit smell and will crawl down the inside of the bottle but once inside cannot find the small neck opening to get back out.

Dispose of them as you want.

Bugs and pests Wasps

Keep them at bay with a clove of garlic. Slit the clove and hang it form your open window or in a room. You won’t smell it but they will.

What to do when a bird hits a window.

When a bird hits a window, all you do is pick the bird up. Put it in one hand; cup your other hand over the bird loosely without touching it. Make sure the head is sticking out. After a couple minutes the bird comes out of shock and flies away.

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