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Acne and zit tips

How to have clear skin in 2 weeks

About three weeks ago I was really annoyed at my skin – its was horrible , so I soaked dettol in tissue paper and left it on my face overnight, in the morning I was expecting a clear face but what I got was a horrible brown scarring.

I thought for the first 4 days it was permanent and was in a state of shock, my mum also believed it to be permanent , but she took a hold of my diet and every morning I had to drink a juice/smoothie of random vegetables and fruit- I cannot stand them but it is easier to drink than eat !

By the end of the first week the burnt skin started to peel and new skin lay underneath- the relief was tremendous!! I will never ever apply a chemical or soap to my face skin, I use a light mix of e-45 cream and water, now 3 weeks later and loads of fruit and veg- no sugar- and I have no acne ! Plus my concentration at school and my mood has been vastly improved.

Heal from the inside by drinking 5 or 6 fruit or veg a day and taking as much sugar out of your diet as possible- I did this all before my girlfriend came back from her holidays- so you can!!

Good luck- remember – no more silly remedies toothpaste, dettol, etc

3 Steps for Clear Acne-Free Skin!

Cleanser- Lifebuoy Clear Skin bathing bar (this is actually a soap and cleanser in one for easy convenience) You can get upto 70% reduction in moderate and severe acne in just 6 weeks! just use twice daily and leave the lather on for a minute before rinsing!

Moisturizer- Lacto Calamine Lotion is made out of clay and glycerin which protects your skin from pollution, gets rid of dead skin cells and retains your skin’s essential moisture. It will give your skin an overall healthy clear look getting rid of scars, pimples and other skin problems!

Powder- Ponds oil control talc with orange peel extracts and sun protection has its unique oil control complex instantly soaks and regulates excess oil for up to 4 hours! The orange is great for healing pimples because of its vitamin c!

3 steps for Clear Acne-Free Skin!

If you haven’t got time to treat your pimples and acne at home with a face mask well try this effective treatment:

Multani Day Cream- Mix equal parts of Multani powder and a base cream (sorbolene, lanolin, etc.) and just a splash of rose water. Multani Powder is made with natural products. It is recommended for acne and pimple prone skin.

Tulsi Day cream- Mix equal parts of Tulsi Face Pack Powder and a base cream with a splash of rose water. Tulsi is an anti-bacterial face pack, which can be used by all skin types. It cleans and reduces excessive oil and provides a natural glow.

Sandal Day cream- Again mix equal parts of Sandal Face pack and a base cream with some rose water. An excellent face pack for normal and dry skin helps curing inflammations. It removes wrinkles and conditions dry and undernourished skin.

After making each cream store it in an old cream container for convenience. A good tip is to put the creams all in the freezer overnight so the ingredients combine well.

Use the creams everyday like you would with a normal one.

Acne ask your dermatologist for Accutane

One way to get rid of acne is to see your dermatologist for Accutane, it is a 5 month treatment, but well worth it.

Acne Cleaner Environment

I have normal-combo (oily t-zone but dry cheeks) and find it hard to manage acne. However, through some experiments, I’ve noticed an improvement by having a cleaner environment:

1. Change your bed-case and pillow case once a week. You may also be allergic to the detergent/conditioner so make sure to double rinse to get rid of the excess.

2. If you have oily skin try using Clean & Clear blotting sheets (it’s plastic blue). NOT the Bodyshop powder talc sheets because it’s horrible. All the Clean & Clear sheets do is absorb the excess oil on your face and does not leave a powdery residue (which could aggravate you skin).

3) WATER! Drink a lot of water/liquid until your pee *hee hee* is clear. The darker your urine is, it means your body isn’t hydrated enough.

ACNE culprit, the pad that comes with the compact!

Do not use the pad that comes with the compact, use cotton balls instead. Everytime you use powder use a clean new cotton ball, when you keep using the pad you are spreading bacteria all over your face. It grows on the pad and you are just pushing it into your pores, causing more acne to occur.

Acne home remedy

I know that you are very tired by searching best treatments to get rid of acne. All the treatments may not give you 100% satisfaction. But here is a wonderful treatment to make an acne free face. There are two sections for this treatment, the first one is to remove pimples and the second one is to get rid of spots.

To remove pimples:

Daily morning apply after-shave lotion that contains alcohol and wash it off in the evening. Alcohol can exert the oil inside the skin to outside. At night apply toothpaste that does not contain mint to the face and wash it off the next morning. Do this treatment for 2 weeks and then you will be pimple free. Applying after-shave lotion daily can also prevent the popping up of new pimples.

To disappear spots:

Take the white of an egg and mix it with one teaspoon of honey. After stirring it for 1 minute apply the mixture to the face with a piece of cotton. Wash it off after 20 minutes with mild hot water. Do this treatment twice a week for two weeks.

Acne Tips, Really Work!

OK truth about acne is that you shouldn’t do anything about it. Some rules to go by.

DON’T USE SOAP ON YOUR FACE. NEVER EVER USE SOAP ON YOUR FACE. IT DRIES IT OUT MAKING YOU PRODUCE MORE OIL CAUSING MORE ZITS. Instead, clean your face with a deep cleaning face cleanser that will not dry out your face. I prefer Dickensons. You put it on a cotton ball and clean your face with it. Like washing your face without drying it out.

Products on TV are NOT going to get rid of acne. If its really bad for you, there are medications that you can get from your doctor, some work some don’t.

No matter what anyone says, acne is hereditary. If your parents had it, most likely you’ll have it too. Sure some foods might make it worse but the truth is, it doesn’t make too big of a difference.

(EX- I have a friend who’s so worried about acne than he doesn’t eat any junk food and doesn’t drink soda etc. He has pretty bad acne. Me and my other friend doesn’t care what we eat or drink but we have clear skin. We also listen to these rules.)

Toothpaste works on most zits. Everyone gets the occasional zit. The best remedy I can recommend is toothpaste. Just put it on before bed and it normally makes the zit less visible.

Try to drink a lot of water. Not sure if this works but drinking a lot keeps you hydrated and cleans out your system faster. Some people think it works, others don’t.

Don’t pop, just poke. If you really NEED fast results, poke the zit with a SHARP, STERILE!!! needle and drain the pus. That normally reduces the size of the zit a great deal.

A little cover up goes a long way. If your a guy and refuse to put on make up, put it this way. If your so worried about what people say about a little zit, I’d consider that really “girly” so might as well put on makeup and feel better about yourself.

DON’T STRESS YOURSELF OUT ABOUT IT. It’s just a few little zits. If your in your 20-40’s and its really becoming a problem, you should probably go see a dermatologist and get the condition checked out or it could lead to scarring.

*NOTE* these rules have been followed by a few of my friends. Its worked for all of them so far. It may or may not work for you. We are teenagers and our raging hormones give us zits but with these rules it’s helped is a lot

All Acne needs is TLC

Do not touch your zits or your blackheads. I would also try proactiv solution because it works great for me! bangs can also be a problem. it causes forehead acne

if it works for them then don’t diss it and even if it only works for the first month doesn’t everyone want clear skin for a whole month. and having bangs does give u forehead acne that is why i grew mine out. not sure about proactive i would try the noxema stuff it works well and u can even feel it working. also try using a toner afterwards.

NOT picking at your acne definitely won’t do you any harm, the bacteria on your hands and under your nails can only make it worse. Also, picking and squeezing irritates your acne and might create swelling and redness… and who wants that? Proactive can work for some people, I’m sure, but I tried it and I didn’t notice a difference. My friend used Proactive for a few weeks and it was great but it did stop working for her.

Almond, neem leaf, turmeric, sandalwood and poppy seeds Face mask

Mix almond, neem leaf, turmeric, sandalwood and poppy seeds.

Blend this mixture into a fine paste using milk . Apply this paste on face and allow it to dry. remove the dried mask by massaging your face in circular motion and wash your face with lukewarm water.

This treatment is excellent for improving completion, preventing and curing pimples, and for giving your face the rich healthy look which you always wanted

Aloe Vera for acne

Break off a leaf of Aloe Vera from plant; the gel-like liquid inside the leaf when applied to acne pimples helps heal acne faster and without scarring. Can also be used to wash entire face to keep skin looking healthy and to prevent acne in the first place.

It’s a great idea to have an aloe plant around because the gel inside helps the healing of burns and it cools your skin. Great for sunburn. I haven’t tried it on my zits tho yet…but I’ll have to try it.

Aspirin for acne

Dissolve 3 aspirin in a teaspoon of water

Then apply the water to your blemishes overnight

Then wash as usual in the morning.

Aspirin=salicylic acid which will shrink acne and also kill the bacteria

Do this at least three times a week.

You can also use it as an all over mask just apply it let it dry for about ten minutes and then rinse.

Aspirin the Zit Healer

If you have a large sore zit, to ease the swelling simply crush up an aspirin and add a bit of water to form a paste. Dab some on your zit and the swelling and redness will go away

Avoid and eliminate pimples, blackheads, and irritation.

If you use make-up, this method may not work. This tip requires diligent cooperation and an open mind.

I recommend the use of only WATER. When you wash your face, do not use anything at all but water. During your shower, massage your face for more than 3 minutes AS IF you were using soap. If you feel tempted to pop pimples during your shower, do so. But once you stop massaging your face and you walk out of that shower, no more popping!

After you shower, it takes about 3 to 5 minutes before your face dries up. Do not let this happen. Use a drop of VITAMIN E OIL for each cheek, your forehead, your chin, and none for your nose! The rationale behind this is when your face dries up, you have receptors on your skin which detect dryness. When your skin detects dryness, it will make its own oil. This is the oil moisture we do not like. It contributes to acne.

I must add that when you walk out of the shower, don’t touch anything with your right hand. Use your left hand for opening door knobs, wrapping towels, turning off the light switch, etc. We need the right hand as clean as possible to apply vitamin E oil.

Before you sleep, you will see plenty of aggravated pimples. This is only because of your shower. Heat is a natural inflammatory and will redden irritated areas, which in this case, are your pimples.

You must combine this method with at least eight hours of sleep if your schedule allows. Combine 1/2 glass of water to 1/2 glass of cranberry juice; drink lots of it during meals. Lastly, no oily foods.

Avoid fatty foods for acne and zits

If fatty foods, such as chocolate, cheese, nuts and fried food, or sweets, make your spots worse, stop eating them.

Actually diet does not make everyone’s face blemish. Everyone is different. The only way dermatologist tell the patient not to eat a certain food is if they notice the certain food makes them break out.

But if u can eat a certain food & it doesn’t make u break out, then u can keep right on eating it. It is kinda like people with allergic reactions to food.

It doesn’t happen to everyone, just a select few. So the comment about not eating fatty foods (chocolate, cheese, nuts, fried food, & sweets) is really not true. It is only true for a select few.

Basil leaves for acne

For acne that hasn’t seemed to respond to anything: Use 2-3 teaspoons of dried basil leaves to 1 cup boiling water. Steep 10-20 minutes. Cool, and apply with a cotton ball

Blackheads & Whiteheads remover

Soak a piece of clean cotton wool into egg white, then treat it as a peel off mask on your nose. Peel off after 30 mins.

Calamine lotion for acne

Use regular calamine lotion from any drug store. It contains zinc oxide for the drying of the blemish and calamine to heal redness.

Clay for zits to stay away!

You need a clay mask for this tip, it is similar to using calamine lotion on pimples however I think this is more effective!!! First I’d like to say pimples are going to be popped some time or another, BUT never pop a pimple in the morning, pop it at night and use these tips to do it correctly:

If there’s no white head NEVER try to pop the zit!!!! – at night after cleaning your face, using a 3 step method… see “daily cleansing routine for blemish- prone skin” place a small amount of clay mask directly on the pimple, let dry and go to sleep. – morning; clean your face again, this time don’t use clay as a spot treatment, just proceed with your day as usual. (Again– if a white head has formed.. let it be for now, you can take care of it at night) -when a white head forms; at night after cleansing your face, pop the zit and wipe the pus away with a clean kleenex.

Clear Acne. Fast and Forever

ProActiv really works!! I developed acne as an adult and have tried many “solutions”, products, you name it. I tried ProActiv and my acne has disappeared (old and new). I can feel it working and it leaves my skin so soft and oil-free. Give it a try. It’s not even that expensive.

Acne and zit tips – Clear skin

To prevent your skin from pimples, acne, blackheads boil a few leaves of neem. tulsi, mint together. apply it any time. You will get a clear skin.

Clove and grapeseed oil for acne?

I’ve heard that a mixture of clove oil and grapeseed oil work well for clearing up acne, and have ordered some to try it out. I know grapeseed oil is supposed to be used to dilute clove oil, and is good to use because it has mild astringent properties, but I don’t know what the ratio of clove to grapeseed is. Has anybody tried this with any success, and does anyone know what the ratio should be for moderate acne?

Acne and zit tips – Cosmetics advice

If you have to use cosmetics, ask your chemist for a non-greasy make.

Daily cleansing routine for blemish prone skin

If you have blemishes, i think you should first get into a routine of using 3 steps in your cleansing routine, if you already don’t.

Don’t squeeze or pick the spots

Don’t squeeze or pick the spots or blackheads – you will make them worse, quite apart from damaging your skin structure and leaving scars.

Easy, Surefire Ways to Zap Acne

A healthy diet means healthy, glowing skin. SALMON is a natural anti-inflammatory thereby reducing inflammation on your skin. You can buy it in cans next to the canned tuna.

Boil? Make a poultice from egg yolk & salt

Make a pollis by taking an egg yolk and salt and mixing together to make a thick paste. Pack onto the boil and cover. It may take several times but it will pull the head out.

Fresh fruit and vegetables for acne

Fresh fruits and raw vegetables are far better for your skin.

Garlic cloves for acne

For acne, crush garlic cloves and apply on the face, once or twice a day.

How to get rid of spots

This worked for me, it may just work for you….. To cut down on spots and get rid of them. It’s not a treatment more like a skin diet… Don’t go away….

Don’t eat anything with a lot of sugar in it for 1-2 weeks… use any type of apricot scrub morning and night and after scrubbing at night use Aqueous cream (from chemist) on spotty areas or on places you want to prevent spots. Why don’t you give it a go, I mean WHAT HAVE YOU GOT TO LOSE!!!!

Tip to get rid of swelling

If you have just picked a pimple and you have a big red bump on your face, get something cold and clean like a bag of ice or a frozen washcloth and put it on the pimple. It will prevent it swelling and take away some of the redness.

I tried this yesterday and it worked great. I had just picked a huge pimple on my forehead, so I grabbed a piece of ice and held it there for a while. Today it is half the size that it was yesterday.

Hands off for acne

Try not to touch your face with your hands – you just leave more germs on it, and it has enough to cope with already.

Home remedy for acne

To clear up acne wash your face with a mild soap, then put egg yolk on your face and let it sit for 10 minutes. Wash it off with a warm washcloth. Repeat this every night and within a few days you should notice a drastic difference.

I was told that egg yolk carries Vitamin A, which is often what dermatologists use to clear up acne. This has worked beautifully for me every time I used this technique.

Acne and zit tips Honey remedy for Skin Blemishes……

Cover the blemish with a dab of honey and place a band-aid over it. Honey kills the bacteria, keeps the skin sterile, and speeds healing. Works overnight.

Hope this helps your acne

Alright. take some vicks vapor rub and put it on your pimples. Toothpaste is also great. Put a dab that covers the entire pimple before you go to bed and wash it off in the morning with warm water. you can also use the toothpaste method during the day. just make sure you use some water and blend in so you don’t have a bug white spot.

Also if you take an aspirin and grind it up. It reduces swelling and redness. You can also just take one or two, but it takes a little longer

Intensive acne treatment

Dab on white distilled vinegar, leave it on and it will energize the circulation in the face and shrink blemishes, but it tends to dry out skin if used every day.

Jesus Christ and your acne

The best way to cure acne is to allow our Lord and Saviour into our lives. By living in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and having the faith to believe that he can do miracles in you, if you ask from the bottom of your heart, your acne will be cured. Jesus is a miracle worker, and loves everyone of us…

Acne and zit tips Keep your hair short

Keep your hair short and wash it regularly. The oil on dirty hair that falls on your face can cause spots

I agree, but I have bangs, and as long as I wash my face and hair regularly- there aren’t many pimples to recon with. They do cause a few zits here and there, but overall, they do not. Even if they did, I wouldn’t be willing to get rid of my bangs or pin them up

Lemon & lime remedy for acne and zits

Cut a wedge of a lemon or a lime and rub it over the affected acne area, this really cleans and disinfects your skin very well, I might sting a bit but don’t wash it off! Use nightly.

Another way to get rid of zits

Hey, I have a tip for everyone who has pimples that they desperately want to get rid of, just apply a little bit of Listerine mouthwash on the pimple and leave it on overnight. After about 2 days of repeating this procedure, the pimple will most likely be gone. Lemon juice will even work.

I have been doing this for years. I put the listerine on a cotton ball and press it to the pimple for a minute or two twice a day and it shrinks significantly in less than 24 hours

Acne, Pimples, drink lots of water

A GREAT way to avoid acne/pimples is to wash your face often, about 5 times a day. Also this is very very very important: DRINK A LOT OF WATER. TRUST ME!!!!

It will help. I am a 13 year old girl who gets pimples only if I DON’T drink water. But if about 6 or 7 glasses of water each day, it really works. There is nothing on my face.

Make Zits Go Away! – Lavender Facial

Instead of using those masks that CLOG your pores causing blackheads, open your pores for a deep clean. Boil water and pour it into a sink. Make sure the sink is clean, and so is the water. Add some lavender flowers (not lavender oil) or strawberry leaves in the water, mix.

Put your face over the steaming water for about 10 minutes, then soak a cloth with warm water and wipe your face clean. Repeat with cold water to close your pores. Do this about once every week.

Boils. Medicated body powder for boils

Every time I get a start of a boil I put medicated body powder on it. I just take the powder and rub it into the spot as often as I can remember throughout the day and so on until it is gone. It works every time..

Medication for acne, spots, zits

I went to the doctor about my spots, and they gave me a pill called “oxytetracycline”. They said it will definitely clean my spots up because it is guaranteed to work.

The downside is you have to take it for 1 to 2 years. Hope that’s a help to someone.

Milk of magnesia for acne , oily skin and enlarged pores!

Apply milk of magnesia with a clean cotton ball to your face, leave on for ten minutes then rinse it off in warm water, it will reduce oil,and make your skin look more matte, also helps to keep makeup on, also if you have an enlarged pore you can dab it on the pore, let it dry and apply your makeup. This will fill in the pore and give you a seamless finish.

My next acne ridding experiment.

I am lactose intolerant so she said stay away from dairy for 2 reasons. Intestinal. and for my face. I did this and in about 3 weeks I noticed a difference.

Vitamins. A multivitamin with A,C,B12, B4..magnesium, E, selenium are a must. I guess vit A,C,E help with skin cell renewal and turnover. Just started them yesterday.. i’ll update with that.

Green tea has tons of antioxidants and i supposed to be great for healthy complexions. ( CAFFEINE FREE) ..caffeine might cause acne. I try to drink 1 cup in the morning and end up drinking about 2 before bed. with sugar and NO milk.

I wash my face in the morning with a panoxly10 bar with a washcloth and use Olay Complete All day moisture lotion ( it has vit E and C, too) and use Doctor Burt’s herbal blemish stick with tea tree oil as a spot treatment.

Try not to cake on the makeup.. I know I sometimes feel like I have too. At night I do the same thing.. but if my face feels dry ( that panoxly bar will dry out skin) then I’ll skip that step and just use a wash cloth with water.

Also wash your makeup brushes regularly, pillow cases…anything that bacteria can get on and then touches your face. neosporin works good too. I know this i long… but so far it’s working. My skin tone is much more even and is getting a glow.. plus in 3 days no NEW breakouts so far. I hope this works for u too.. I know a lot of the other tips didnt..l

Neem leaves for acne

Grind some neem leaves with water to a fine paste and apply on the face once or twice a day

Neosporin for acne and zits

I’ve found that applying neosporin to zits really helps clean them up quick. Just add a dab to wherever necessary. I suppose you could use as much as you’d like as you need/like.

I’ve never had any inflammatory reactions or anything from it. Usually I’ll just squeeze a little in my hand and add 2x as much of moisturizer in my hand too, mix them together and apply to my face during the night.

Works good for me. Adding a little peroxide to the mixture makes it even better. Another tip I find works for some people is to stop washing your face period. This honestly works for me. I usually don’t take showers on the weekends and so I never washed my face and I noticed that my face would always clear up on the weekends but would start up as soon as Monday came around. Any type of soap/cleaner makes me break out like crazy. I don’t even the water from the shower head touch my face anymore. I just cup a bit of warm water with my hands and splash it on my face. In order to get rid of dead skin I use one of those spongy bath scrubs on my face every friday night before I go to bed. I use really hot water on my face and scrub it really hard to completely clean it up. Comes out really smooth feeling. Afterwards I apply the moisturizer and neosporin mix immediately to keep it from drying out. This method may help or may not. I’ve heard that not too many people’s faces will clear up from not washing, but it was not an authoritative source. Also, I don’t have large breakouts or anything, so I’m not sure how good any of this would help those kinda cases.

Not just washing for acne

To get rid of, and prevent acne not only do you have 2 wash ur face every night but you have 2 change your pillowcase EVERY night and wash the one you used the night before!

Orange peel for acne

Grind some orange peel with water to a paste and apply on the face, once or twice a day.

Acne and zit tips Perfect tips for acne

*~Acne tips~*

~WASH YOUR FACE!!!!dirt oil and get on your skin causing acne,blackheads,oily,yucky skin.

~DRINK WATER!!!drinking water takes out toxins and gives you nice clear smooth skin.

~EAT HEALTHY FOODS!!!take daily vitamins and eat foods like fruits, veggies,and don’t eat so much junk food!:)

~MASKS!!!Go to Fred Meyers and buy a mud mask!

~DON’T USE TOOTHPASTE!!!this can burn a huge hole in your skin and dry it out and it’s bad!!!

Pimples gone in a week with Mac Donalds chips

I heard this from a friend of a friend of mine who told them to put mac donalds chips on there face and rub it on your pimples or just cook up something greasy and use the grease out of that….

Pimples in your private area

When you get pimples in your private area on the outside, use liquid campho-phenique. If you haven’t been scratching at it won’t burn , but if you have it will a little.

Preparation H for acne – Acne tips and ideas

I read this in a magazine a while ago and it really works. Just dab it on- at night if possible, and by the morning it will have shrunken to almost nothing or be completely gone.

The only uncomfortable part has to go to the store and buy it!

Preventing spots. Tip to prevent spots

All you need to do is keep your hands clean, never touch your face, keep your face clean and don’t use any kind of foundation until your spot has gone.

Wearing foundation does not give you spots, you can actually buy a foundation with protective ingredients for the skin, if anything make sure you massage your face for about 5mins with your face wash, get a cleansing face wash ie:Simple, if your face gets dry, after cleansing use bio-oil, massage into your face very softly in a circular motion, as said previously, try not to touch during the day, and if you are not a water drinker just keep 1 bottle with you at work and make sure it is finished by the time you go home, 1more thing if you drink a lot of milk, try cutting it down to a small glass a day, it has been known to irritate acne & make the spots angry.

Acne and zit tips Red Blemishes

For a red noticeable blemish. Squeeze a few drops of visine eye drop on it. It really takes the red out.

Sea salt for acne

Well I was thinking… If swimming in salt water clears up ( or dramatically improves) acne. Then maybe try this. I bought sea salts from the natural foods store. Then I got a spray bottle and put in very hot water and the salt…

Shook it up and spray it on my face before bed ( after it dried). I’m still experimenting with the ingredients.. like how much salt to how much water. Hope this helps.

Simply Drink for a smoother skin

To clear acne, pimples, or even get smoother skin, just drink lots and lots of water. It will drain your system of impurities and clear up skin within two to three days.

Spots turning to cysts

If your spots turn into cysts, go and see your doctor. He may prescribe antibiotics, or a hormone or vitamin A preparation, which are necessary to prevent the cysts from turning into scars.

Acne and zit tips Spots, pimples tip to remove

A friend of mine told me this not long ago and it really works. Use roll-on deodorant on a pimple. Just apply it before you go to bed and wash off in the morning. It dries it right up without irritating the surrounding skin like some acne medications can.

Avoid Acne/Pimples. Steam for acne

This is really good for your skin. Everytime your mom or dad makes tea, tell them to add a little more water to the kettle for you.

Pour boiling water into a bowl, or even a cup is fine. Then, put your face over the cup or bowl and leave it there for about 2-3 minutes. This is good for unlocking your pores.

But remember; don’t put your face into that hot boiling water……. Hope this works for you all.

Acne and zit tips Sunlight is great

Try to get sunlight on your face in short bursts and without burning your skin

Super Simple acne toner

I have tried a ton of acne cures that did nothing but irritate my skin further. Below is the only thing that has EVER worked for me which is surprising given how cheap and simple it is:

First you will need a small (about 6oz) glass bottle with a pump top. It is important that it be glass so you can clean it well every time you make a new batch of toner, and the pump is more hygienic.

Start by squeezing about 1 tablespoon of the purest aloe vera gel you can find in your clean bottle. Do not use the one with lanacane or any other additives.

Next add about 20 drops of tea tree oil and 2 crushed aspirin. The aspirin is actually salicylic acid, which is an ingredient found in most expensive acne products. You can use any kind but I prefer the cheap, uncoated ones from the dollar store. They dissolve much better than the coated kind.

After that add about 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar. Do not use white or any other kind of vinegar as they are way too harsh for use on your face.

The last step is to add enough boiling water to fill the bottle. Let it cool slightly and screw the pump on securely. Store in your fridge and use nightly after washing your face. Apply with a clean cotton ball.

The aspirin has a certain solubility which means that only a certain amount will dissolve in water. You will have a few aspirin pieces floating around but that is normal. If it really bothers you, you can strain the toner through cheesecloth.

It does not smell too good, but it has made a huge difference in the way my face looks. I no longer have any cyst like pimples and my face is a lot less oily. I make a fresh batch every week.

I have also found that if I only wash my face at night and follow with this toner instead of night and morning, my face is a lot calmer and less oily. I use St. Ives medicated Apricot scrub but I am careful not to scrub too hard as that will only make matters worse.

Sweat out impurities & toxins for acne and zits

Boil two cups of water, then drape a towel over your face, and let the steam hit you face and sweat for about 3-4 mins. Then dry your face and apply an acne medication.

Stop acne by swimming in the sea

If you have spots it’s good to go into the sea(salt water) because this helps cleanse the spots.Then scrub them hard with fresh water after.

I like going to the beach just because of this! though you have to stop wearing makeup for a while, after the spots heal up, it’s not a problem. 😀 The combination of the salt water and sun work to clean and dry out the pimples. any open wound will heal faster this way as well.

Tea Tree Beauty Regime For Clear Acne-Free Skin!

This Beauty Routine is for everyday use for clear, acne free skin:

Cleanser- Tea Tree Oil & Mint Daily Foaming Wash, This gentle, foaming facial wash transforms from a liquid into a soft, creamy foam. Suitable for everyday use to help maintain clear, blemish-free skin. Contains pure antibacterial tea tree oil to help combat spots and maintain clear skin. Contains cooling peppermint oil to invigorate the skin and the senses and helps to leave the skin feeling tingly, clean and fresh. Recommended for normal, oil or blemished skin.

Toner- Tea Tree Oil Freshener, A cooling skin freshener that leaves the skin feeling smooth and cleansed but not overly dry. Helps to remove the last traces of make-up and daily grime after cleansing. Contains tea tree oil, a soothing and calming essential oil, to help to discourage spots and blemishes. Also contains witch hazel, a gentle astringent, and vegetable glycerin to lightly moisturise the skin. Recommended for oily or blemished skin.

Moisturizer- Tea Tree Mattifying Facial Moisture Gel, This light non-oily gel provides a great solution for those concerned about clogged pores and shiny faces, as it is quickly absorbed into the skin, providing moisture where needed. Natural, antibacterial tea tree oil soothes and leaves skin feeling pleasantly refreshed. Contains glycerin, pro-vitamin B5 and sea plant extract to soothe, soften and hydrate. Recommended for normal, oily or blemished skin.

Before you go to bed:

Sage & Comfrey Blemish Gel, A translucent gel to help combat occasional spots. Witch hazel distillate, a mild aromatic astringent, helps cleanse and soothe blemishes. Infusions of sage and comfrey help to soothe the skin. Allantoin, the active ingredient within comfrey, is also added for its soothing and conditioning properties. Suitable for all skin types.

Every second day:

Tea Tree Oil Facial Scrub, A foaming scrub containing ground tea tree leaves which act as exfoliating particles to help gently remove excess oil, impurities and dead skin. Contains antibacterial tea tree oil to help combat spots. The astringent properties of tea tree oil also help to tone the skin. Contains beeswax and pro-vitamin B5 to moisturise and condition skin leaving it soft and supple. Recommended for normal, oily or blemished skin.

Every Week:

Tea Tree Oil Face Mask, Tea Tree Oil has great deep cleansing qualities due to its unusual ability to penetrate beneath the skin’s surface. This mask contains kaolin which effectively removes grease and dirt by drawing them out of the skin. Seaweed extract soothes and moisturises the skin. Beeswax, shea butter (sourced via our Community Trade Programme) and sugar glycerin are included due to their moisturising and skin conditioning properties. Recommended for normal, oily and blemished skin.

Quick Fixes:

Tea Tree Oil Blemish Stick, A light, translucent gel, containing soothing and calming tea tree oil, in a convenient and portable format. The sponge applicator enables you to apply the gel directly to trouble spots. Use at any time and anywhere. Sea plant extract, algae, prevents skin dryness. Also contains the soothing skin-conditioners – allantoin and bisabolol. Recommended for oily or blemished skin.

Tea Tree Oil Cover Stick, A handy concealer to mask minor flaws and blemishes. Natural tea tree oil helps to soothe the skin, leaving it feeling fresh and comfortable, while soothing blemishes. Recommended for oily or blemished skin.

Because these products are natural you know that they aren’t going to do your skin any damage! Just make sure you aren’t allergic to any of the ingredients.

Tea tree oil for spotty skin

Use tea tree oil on your skin. Dab it on using cotton wool every morning and evening until your spot has faded.

Tea tree oil is a natural antibacterial and antifungal. Since strengths vary, always test its reaction to your skin. Many people are allergic to the oil.

Also, since it can be irritating to the skin, start with one application per day, if no excessive dryness occurs, increase to two applications per day. Also, you can add 10-15 drops to about 1 oz of moisturizer. It works for me.

Tea Tree Oil for zits

I used tea tree oil pads and it really worked, I have used every store medication and they haven’t been so effective but the tea tree oil was the best it zapped the zits in only 2 days!

The best way to get rid of acne

I done research on acne, and there is no cure, I guess you just have to grow out of it, except some people don’t.

Anyways the best way that I found was wash your face with a good cleanser, Benzoyl Peroxide (2.5%) gel, and a good moisturizer. This is probably going to cost you about $20 a month. Don’t go cheap on products, the cleanser and moisturizer are very important, buy them especially made for acne. For the BP you can buy whatever brand, as long as you buy good amount like 8-10 OZ.

Clean your face with cleanser.

Apply BP on face where pimples and zits appear.

Apply moisturizer on same spots as bp.

Wait about 10 minutes between each step.

Do this in the morning and night.

This cleared help control my acne in 2 months, and now I get like one pimple a month. Then I just wash my face once a day. *Important* BP will dry your face, so apply small amounts at the beginning then increase as your skin gets used to it.

Benzoyl Peroxide is hard to find

Use hot water, but don’t burn your face!

If you experience a small rash, stop doing this for about a day or two. Enjoy, and you will see results within 3-4 weeks, and after you are 99% clear buy some product to heal your acne scars.

The homemade cure to defeat acne

I have struggled with acne for many years and here is what you need to scrub on your face. oats, apple sauce, salt, vinegar, milk and vegetable oil. Now mix it all together and by small pieces put it all on your face.

It may look and feel nasty but what do you have to lose? It reduces pimples and fades away marks. Try it out!

The True Acne Cure

In the morning: First, wash your face with a gentle foaming cleanser. Nothing opaque and gritty. Next, apply a product containing 10% salicylic acid. (I actually used a Clearasil foaming cleanser that had 10% salicylic acid). Leave this on for 2-3 minutes or about the time it takes for you to brush your teeth. Rinse. Next, apply a product containing 10% glycolic acid (try looking at a specialty store to find this; like the Vitamin Shoppe). Leave on for 2-3 minutes and then rinse. Apply a light oil-free moisturizer (Neutrogena), even if you have oily skin. Try one with a sunscreen of at least 15 SPF for added benefits. Also, use foundation (try Neutrogena skin-clearing oil-free make-up) that is designed for acne-prone skin. One that contains salicylic acid works well.

At night: Follow the same procedure as it the morning until after the glycolic acid. After that, rub an ice cube all over your face to wet it and cool it. Apply a product that contains 10% benzoyl peroxide (really easy to find in any store like Target; white cream that comes in a tube). Apply ice packs to your face for 15 minutes. Wipe off the excess.

Clearing up acne takes time and is not an instant process. Don’t feel discouraged if you don’t see instant results. Acne is actually a bacterial infection. If your acne is really bad, it may take up to six weeks, but in the end it is really worth it. Once your face is clear, you can discontinue this regime and only use when you feel a breakout coming

This helped my acne hope it helps your’s

Over washing as you know dries the skin, and if you’re anything like me and you have really bad acne it only makes it worse. The best thing to do is use warm but not hot water (always us a flannel and not your hands, make sure you wash the flannel every two-three days).

If you have over oily skin use a none colored non alkaline soap, Dove or Pears are the best. Keeping in mind that over use will damage the skin and dry it. After you’ve washed your face if you lucky enough to have an aloe vera plant, use the flesh inside and gently wipe onto the face. This will help heal scars tame any angry acne and reduce the redness.

If your like me and your acne is due to hormones then see your GP for advice, but in the meantime follow this and you should be fine. Don’t fear. If you experience a pearling at any time, that’s normal, leave it and carry on like usual. It happened to me, I was worried until I noticed that the skin under it was more clear and the scars looked lighter.

An important tip to avoid blemishes!!

If you have pimples and blemishes or blackheads your going to wanna hear this! When you wash your face your blemishes will show and they might be red!

So wash your face right before you go to sleep, then take an acne medicine called Benzoyl peroxide 5% or 10%, you can ask your doctor or get it in a pharmacy!

Then let it dry and go to sleep. When you wake up you will see some pimples are gone! Repeat this for a couple night or until all your blemishes are gone!:)

To get rid of acne and be healthier

To get rid of acne drink lots of water. Bring a water bottle everywhere w/ u and u will feel inclined to drink it. Even when u don’t feel thirsty, water can taste good. Water will soon replace the way your body moisturizes your skin, which is now oil. Excessive oil is what causes acne. Wash your face with gentle face soap often (three times a day).

Sleep with your face off of the pillow. u don’t have to hover, just try to not let your face touch the pillow too much. Wash your pillowcase often, and SLEEP!! Sleep makes u less stressed and reduces acne. When u sleep, your body is resting and taking a break while restoring everything to regular and fixing things that are wrong. take care of yourself and yourself will take care of you.

Toothpaste for pimples

Use toothpaste to get rid of zits or pimples apply a little over night or if you already took your bath apply to the pimple.

Please people, what is with all of the miss-spelled words and abbreviations? No slang or jargon is to be written on websites!

Many of you do not follow PRECISE DIRECTIONS!

Wash your face with a gentle cleanser, or water.

 Make sure you have PASTE not GEL. Apply to the acne and surrounding areas.

Leave the treatment on for 30-60 minutes depending on your skin type(if you feel severe burning STOP! and DO NOT leave in overnight!)

Wash your face with lukewarm water. Make sure that you remove all traces of acne for if you miss some it could burn your skin!

Pat your skin dry. DO NOT RUB!!!

Get a moisturizer and apply in a circular or left-to-right motion to your ENTIRE face.

Make sure you get at least 7-8 hours of sleep and in the morning, your acne will be reduced

Urine for skin blemishes

I read on one site that if you put urine on a cotton ball and dab it on the affected area then the blemish will heal. I’ve never personally tried it, though

I am so sorry but i am not going to put urine on my face. That is disgusting I am not trying to be mean but who told you that?

Wash regularly to avoid spots

Wash regularly with medicated soap or detergent lotion and hot water. If this does not work, try antiseptic and keratolytic creams. Your chemist will advise you which one to use.

Acne and zit tips Wash your face

Always wash your face before you go to bed. you will have less spots. however tired you are wash your face!

true, you should always wash your face at night, but don’t forget about adding some zit treatment (if you really need it), such as bp..also remember to moisturize every time you wash your face, otherwise your skin produces more oils and becomes more prone to acne.

When you pop your pimple…

We all know that it is not a good thing to pop out pimples, but we also know that this isn’t always an easy thing to do.

When you do pop your pimple, I recommend using a ply of tissue paper and folding it twice to make a smaller square. Dip the center of the square in alcohol and use this to apply pressure on the spot where you pop your pimples for at least a full minute or until the bleeding fully stops.

You will get acne scars. It is inevitable. But at least the bacteria does not spread, giving you more pimples.

If you use alcohol it will dry it out and make it itchy. You are better to use Tea tree oil or polysporin. Tea tree will dry it out enough and polysporin will”speed” up the process.

Care for your skin

Bicarbonate of Soda for your skin

Buy bicarb from the pharmacist – 2 kilos for just under £5. They will probably have to order it for you. Use for house and laundry cleaning. Search on the internet for uses – hundreds of them. It is very good for skin. Put it ( small cup) in the bath for itchy skin problems. I mix it (tablespoon)with soap suds and massage dry and itchy skin in the shower. Mix with shampoo (tablespoon) and get squeaky clean, shiny hair (it’s good for slight dandruff).

Clear skin what works for me

I’ve been doing a LOT of research into this… and it was time well spent. I came across a product called “carleys clear and smooth”. After reading their website I thought it would be great to try and everything they said made sense. Come to find out ..I’m allergic to Sodium Lauryl Sulfate..(the stuff that makes things bubbly). This ingredient happens to be in EVERY product, including neutrogena, even shampoos.

So I completely eliminated this and another additive (preservative) the “parabens” (all of the different kinds) which is in makeup and lotions.

I’ve been doing this for 2 weeks and I already see HUGE improvements. All that harsh stuff and animal ingredients were really making me breakout…not help clear me up. I’ve also switched to BARE MINERALS makeup (which I hardly need because my skin is healing!!). If your at the end of your rope.. Please try this.

Remember… this is not a quick fix. It takes time to “detox” your skin from all that other junk. Check out that product I mentioned…I want everyone to be happy with their skin like me!

Corrective foundation for sensitive skin, broken capillaries

If you have sensitive skin you may also have broken capillaries or a natural redness to your cheeks if so use a corrective foundation this is green and usually comes in a stick, this is applied with the fingers and patted over the problem area, taking care not to over stimulate the skin by rubbing in, or over blending this will sit on the skin to reduce the skins red undertones and hide broken capillaries. you can ten apply a normal foundation over the top for an even complexion. you can buy these at most boots stores.

Daily cleansing routine for blemish prone skin

If you have blemishes, i think you should first get into a routine of using 3 steps in your cleansing routine, if you already don’t.

This would include:




The combination of all 3 products makes a huge difference. (make sure you buy products for your skin type)I strongly recommend olay products (olay clarity for cleanser and toner, olay complete for a moisturizer) However if you have found a line of products you like, don’t change on my account 🙂

As well if possible invest in a clay mask, which you should use weekly.


Morning: gently wash face with cleanser, follow with toner HOWEVER when using your toner, pat the solution on your face, do not wipe the solution across your face it strips the skin, and causes more oil production (this is a huge mistake many people make), complete with a good moisturizer that contains spf.

Day: You should not wash your face more than twice a day, so nothing really should be done during the day. (if you find your face is shiny there are oil absorbing sheets that can even be used over makeup, and they work wonderfully.)

Night: Follow the exact same steps as used in the morning.

* This routine should keep your skin looking its best, PLEASE stay with it for a LEAST 2 WEEKS, If you find its not working at all after that, then I apologize and wish you the best of luck finding another solution

Eat Borage oil to moisturize your skin

Eat Borage oil to moisturize your skin. If you notice after taking a shower, that your skin feels really dry take borage oil.

Face washing correctly can improve its moisture

After washing your face don’t use towel to dry your face. Just leave it to dry itself or use your hands .This will give moisture to your skin.

For nice soft feet

Rub your feet with Vaseline, put on socks and leave overnight works really well!

For smooth supple skin

Fill the sink with water and add a couple of drops of lavender oil. Soak a towel in this and apply to your face, dabbing.

Fresher skin using water

Drink 8 glasses of water each day, it evens out skin tone, makes you look more radiant and prevents acne because it cleanses your system. What you put on the outside isn’t as nearly as important as what you put in the inside.

Getting rid of redness

Well what you do is take lotion to it and rub it in. And it will go away make sure it’s not too oily how ever.

Instant natural moisturiser using honey

For a simple Instant natural moisturiser use honey. Simply take a teaspoon of honey and with the back of the teaspoon apply the honey! Remember to use the best organic honey you can find. Sit back and relax for 20mins. You can even lick your lips and drips as you feel the hydration process when relaxing.

Itchy, smelly feet, athlete’s foot

Use “cooling” dandruff shampoo and the hottest water that you can handle on your feet! Start with the hot water and then drop the cooling dandruff shampoo on my feet.  Rub the shampoo on my feet with my feet so the shampoo covers my both of my feet  leave on for a minute or so then rinse with more hot water, repeat as needed.

Milk does other things!

Take a cotton swab, pour a little bit of milk on it, (over the sink of course) and then rub it on your face. Let it sit, then wash it off. It moisturizes the skin!

Oxygenating your skin

Skincare products that are oxygenating are great for your skin as your skin needs lots of it to stop your pores clogging and forming spots.

I use Avon’s Pure o2 face cream and Pure o2 facial wash and it makes your skin glow which is great whether you have spots or not as you look better even if have spots as you look healthy with a lot less spots not just spotty with dull tired blotchy skin.

It helps a lot it doesn’t cure it you have to put a lot of effort into washing etc,getting the right amount of sleep and eating correctly but it def helps A LOT.

Perfect silky skin in indian way

You will love your radiant skin after using this recipe.

All you need is:

  • 1 tbsp fuller’s earth
  • 1 tbsp honey
  • 1 tbsp mashed papaya
  • a few drops of lime juice
  • 1 egg white
  • Mix and put on face for 30 minutes then rinse off.

Care for your skin Skin Cream

Simply pour about a half cup of full cream/full fat milk (not skimmed or slimming milk), into a dish. Add a few drops of Lemon juice. The milk will begin to curdle into lumps after about 2/3 minutes. Drain the liquid away and smear the creamy remainder over the face and hands. It leaves skin fresh, soft and better than any other skin cream around

Smooth Skin (All Over)

The best thing I’ve tried so far for soft, smooth skin is gently massaging used coffee grounds on my body in a warm shower, but stay out of the water….just use the steam to open up your pores. After you’ve done your whole body, rinse it off and finish your shower like normal.

I also found that when I use it on my legs before shaving I get a closer smoother shave. Use a good moisturizer afterwards. My favorite is Body Fantasies Rich Body Cream (I use Vanilla). You can find it at most stores.

Smooth skin hand, foot care

This is my tip for beauty today buy aloe vera gel from 99c store and mix in your shampoo with two eggs and apply gel on hand and foot for smooth the skin take care

The 24-Hour Onion, Yes, Onion Cure!

For quick fixes in less than 24-hours try rubbing ONION on your skin. The smell goes away quickly as it dries and gets absorbed into the skin. Simply rub a slice on the skin at night and let it work while you sleep or apply during the day under makeup.

The miracles in Olive oil

Olive oil really gives your skin a healthy looking glow, and it doesn’t clog your pores!! AMAZING eh!? So put down that $9.95 that you would have spent on an expensive cream, and just grab a good bottle of olive oil! You’ll thank me for many years to come!

Tips for good skin

Drink a lot of water.. Water is good for your skin! And if you eat lemon that’s good for your skin.

Vicks vapour rub for Chafing

Apply to chafed area. Once the initial slight burn fades, it really soothes a chafe. I used to ride horses all day on a cattle property in the Australian outback and in 7 years I never found any thing else as good.

Dry Skin

Recipes Beauty mask for dry skin

For dry skin, mashed ripe avocado is the best. Simply apply on clean skin and allow its rich oils to moisturize your face. Rinse with cool water.

Dry Skin Curing dry hands and feet

If you are suffering from dry hands and feet try using crisco shortening and massage into hands and feet then put rubber gloves on your hands and wrap your feet in saran wrap and sleep like that one night a week.

Dr Ruggles Skin Restorer for Dry, cracked skin

I have used Dr Ruggles Skin Restorer which is an unscented concentrated cream that works fantastic. It’s not greasy and made my hands feel better right away.

I do not normally place tips on the site that mention specific products but it would be interesting to hear what anyone has to say about this product.

Dry cracked skin on hands, elbow and feet

I work with my hands in water often and as a result my hands were always dry and cracked. I tried everything with little success. One day I was moisturizing a wood bowl I have with a product called B’s Oil Salad Bowl & Wood Preserver, from a company called the Holland Bowl Mill.

Dry Skin Dry feet

Petroleum jelly is great for dry skin on your feet. If you rub petroleum jelly on your feet at night and then put on an old pair of socks, this will soften the dry skin. You may need to do this for 3 or 4 nights in a row, or as needed, but it works wonders.

Dry feet cured with vinegar and tea tree

Dry feet are often not just dry, but have tinea. I use 500mls of vinegar (any cheap one will do) mixed with 2 capful of tea tree oil. When shaken mixture will be cloudy.

Apply this every day. It penetrates into skin quickly, but if you have no spare time, just dry with a hairdryer. It has worked very well for me. I have no more dry feet after two weeks of usage.

Dry Skin Fat is good

If you have dry skin, look for lotions and soaps that contain high amounts of fat to put the oils back into your skin so you won’t be so dry.

Washing or showering and then putting baby oil over your arms and legs will help with dry skin.

Natural Dry Skin Remedy

For soft skin mix 1 part liquid glycerin with 1 part water in any size spray bottle, “shake well” and apply sparingly to wet skin after showering. A little goes a long, long way,(for sensitive skin mix 1/3 part glycerin to 2/3 parts water).

Glycerin is a natural skin softener and actually absorbs humidity from the air. Tip: You might not want to use it when you plan on being outside on a hot, humid day.

Preventing and Aiding Dry Skin

Your skin is a preventative covering for your body. How your skin feels, looks and appears to others is a direct result of what you do daily, how you care for your skin, and sometimes your age. You can put off dry, hurting and older looking skin by taking care of your skin through your younger years and into your older years, for younger looking, and better feeling skin that you can be highly proud of now and into your future.

If you live in a cool or cold area, where the weather is not always so warm, you can suffer from dry skin. Dry skin takes its toll on your skin by leaving you with itchy, sometimes cracked skin that is not very comfortable. Another reason for dry skin is the sun. The sun can dry and bake your skin, leaving it without your natural moisturizers that aid in the healing process, and in the regeneration process. Still another cause of dry skin is the wind. Your hands in the wind without proper covering can be left dried out.

There are still other ways that your skin can dry out which include shaving (your arms, your face, your legs and such) not drinking enough water (water is what makes up your body, and is important in moisturizing your skin), wearing make up all the time will dry portions of your skin out, and using a tanning bed too much can dry out your skin, and there are other reasons that your skin can dry out as well.

One of the best measures in fighting dry skin, anywhere on your body is going to involve preventative measures. Preventative measures at first thought will include limiting how much time you spend in the sun, limiting the time you spend in the tanning booth, covering up when you are out in the snow and in the wind or cold, and drinking five to eight glasses of water a day.

Additional measures you can take to prevent dry skin is going to include wearing sun block, or at the very least some amount of sun block. Sun block is going to limit the number of harmful rays that will reach the inner layers of your skin. Limiting the harmful rays may mean that you won’t be that bronze tan that you want to be, but you will have supple, soft skin later in life when others are looking a little more wrinkled and fighting dry skin all the time from the amount of sunlight that they exposed their skin too.

In order to protect and revitalize your skin you will need to scrub, wash and exfoliate your skin in areas that are most exposed to the sun. Scrubbing and exfoliating your skin takes off the drier skin, allowing your fresher, softer skin to continue growing to give you a glow that only fresh, clear, and moist skin can provide.

Some people have naturally dry skin, and for no apparent reason no matter how much moisturizer you use will prevent your skin from drying out once again. The cause could be in your genes or hereditary, but the continued use of water, preventative measures and moisturizers will make your dry skin at least a little more bearable. You can even prevent chapped lips, which is a form of dry skin, by simply wearing lip gloss or chapstick in the winter, cold, snow, and winds.

If you are out in the winter weather, you still might want to consider wearing sun block. When you are sled riding, skiing, skating or anything where you are out in the sun of the winter that reflects on the snow or ice the rays are strong and can dry out your skin on your face. Wearing some amount of sunblock during the winter months is going to be just as helpful as it is in the summer months!

In the summer, spring, fall and in the winter, when you get out of the water from the bath, shower or swimming, putting some type of moisturizer or lotion on as much of your body as possible is going to help keep your skin moist fresh and feeling good now and far into your future!

Remedy for dry skin

Grind a few cabbage leaves and extract the juice and to this add a teaspoon of honey. Mix well and apply it thickly over your face and neck and leave it on for fifteen minutes. Then remove with cotton wool soaked in water.

This is an excellent remedy for counteracting dry skin

Tip for softer feet

If you wear cotton socks, try to wear white or light ones. The dye in darker ones can dry out your feet.

The best cure i have found for dry skin

The best cure I have found for dry skin is using Gueen Helene Cocoa Butter Creme.

I use this on my feet at night before going to bed.

My feet are always smooth.

I am 100 percent sure this will work for all that are looking for ways to prevent dry skin.

Is excellent for a face creme before going to bed.

This product keeps wrinkles away.

Dry skin? Here is a tip to help

Here is an idea for dry skin combine 1 cup oatmeal, 1 cup warm water, 1 tablespoon vanilla extract, and 1/2 cup baking soda in a blender or food processor until you have a smooth paste.

Pour this paste under the running water while drawing the bath. Very soothing to dry, itchy skin.

It sounds like a great idea. Very and extremely refreshing. I’m just a little concerned, because in all of these tips and recipes: oatmeal, vaseline, or baking soda is almost always mentioned. What’s in them that does the job for everything?

Very dry skin

If you have very dry skin and it cracks open, use superglue on the cracks. The pain will almost instantly disappear. If the cracks reappear later, use the glue again. As time goes on, you will notice that the cracks are less prone to reappear


Baking soda facial scrub

Try Baking Soda (Bicarbonate of soda) as an invigorating, yet gentle, facial scrub. Apply a paste of 3 parts Baking Soda to 1 part water in a gentle circular motion after washing face with soap and water. Rinse clean for a fresh-scrubbed face!

Better shave, no razor burn

Before shaving, exfoliate with skin cleanser and baking soda (facial cleanser for face, or shower gel for body). If soaking in the tub, add baking soda to the water. For best results on the body (NOT face), use shower gloves to scrub. Scrub until the skin feels almost numb. I have been doing this for years, and my husband does this before shaving his face, and we never suffer razor burn or bumps!

This is fantastic for the more sensitive areas, such as face, bikini or underarms, but works great on legs, too. Also, due to the exfoliation, you will get a closer, smoother, longer lasting shave.

Exfoliating moisturizing skin scrub

Mix 2c. Epsom Salts with 1/4c. favorite scented body lotion, 1Tbs. each glycerine, & jojoba oil in plastic container using a disposable plastic spoon or knife (I use a leftover popsicle stick that I wash & save).

Use a recycled margarine tub in which to mix & store so there is no danger of broken glass or contamination of food container. Label & keep out of little ones’ reach.

Use small amounts to gently scrub skin of arms, legs, hands, & feet before shower (stand in shower cause its messy & don’t use on wet skin cause it would be too harsh.) If you can, get someone to rub it on your back too.

Shower as usual. If my skin is really dry, I just wash private area, armpits, & feet, & just rinse the rest of me. Helps get rid of dry, flakey skin & smells great. Be careful, because it will make the shower floor slippery. A rubber bath mat or anti-slip decals help.

I usually squirt some shampoo on the floor of the shower & spread it with my feet after I scrub, then turn on the water (I also adjust the water temp before I start so I don’t get scalded or frozen.) I tried white sugar & baby oil, but like this much better.

Skin cream Exfoliate with homemade cream

For a simple treatment to exfoliate your skin. In the palm of your hand, put some salt, and mix in with Olive oil. Apply to face, or area that needs attention, leave on for 15-20 minutes. Now with circular motions rub off lotion, Dead skin peels right off.

Exfoliating! Daily and gently

I have noticed an overall improvement in my skin, since changing my cleansing routine. I used to wet my face, use a cleanser, then rinse off. Followed by a moisturizer. However, I recently found removing the cleanser by talking a warm to hot washcloth, and GENTLY removing the cleanser really helps.

Then I follow with a moisturizer. I use st ives clear pore cleanser, and their collagen elastin moisturizer. Its inexpensive compared to some other brands. I have sensitive combination skin.

Make your own homemade facial scrub

Grind 2 Almonds and mix with 1 teaspoon of Lemon Juice and one teaspoon of honey. This is an excellent facial scrub suitable for all skin types.

How long do u have to leave this on for, and what do u do after that, should you wash it off or scrub it in circular motions?

TipKing Says: This is the problem with some tips sent in, you just have to adapt the information and try things out

Lighten your skin in citrus way

Lemon has exfoliating properties: rub half a lemon on your face with a hint of sugar granules to remove dead cells and lighten a tan.

Make your own hair removal wax

To make your own hair removal wax (like Nads) you need:

  • 1/2 lemon
  • 1/2 cup honey
  • 1/2 cup sugar

In a microwavable bowl, put all of the ingredients on high for 3-4 minutes. You can put it on the stove too, but there’s a chance of burning it. When it cools down, use it like hot (or cold) wax! You will find all the hair you want to remove comes off.

How to prepare recipe and directions for waxing

Squeeze juice from 1/2 lemon into a bowl, add 1/2 cup white sugar and 1/2 cup honey. Mix well then microwave for 3 minutes.

DO NOT place directly on skin, wait until you are able to touch with your fingers without burning them.

Apply with a flat surfaced item like a tongue depressor or Popsicle stick. When applying, apply in a thin layer about 6 inches long and 2 inches wide following the growth of your hair (downwards).

Apply a strip of cotton material leaving about 1 inch at the bottom so that you have something to grab onto. Cotton strip means something like old jeans. I cut and use old jeans and find that is the best. Cut the legs off of jeans, then cut that into strips of about 8 inches long and 4 inches wide. The inside part of the jeans seems to absorb the wax better, so place on your waxed area with inside of jean material on that. Smooth or rub the material onto the wax firmly so there is good contact. Pinch or grab hold of bottom of cloth and pull/rip upwards and quickly in an upwards motion.

Always apply wax in the direction of the hair growth, and always remove strip in the opposite direction and at a 45 degree angle.

Exfoliating Recipe for spotless skin

Grind 4 almonds.

Then add 1tsp of honey, 3 tsp of milk (if you have dry skin you can add yogurt instead) make a paste and apply on your face and neck.

Wait for 10 mins. When it dries wash your face, clean with a towel and then wear your normal lotion or cream that you use after washing your hands n face.

Shaving cream on the cheap

Use dollar store moisturising hair conditioner for shaving your legs. Helps decrease after shaving dryness and lubricates well

Tip for Silky smooth skin

In the shower pour cornmeal on a wet washcloth rub the cornmeal all over your body for silky, smooth, exfoliated skin!

Avoid the t zone when exfoliating

As a trainee skin consultant I have a great tip if you have that annoying t-zone, when exfoliating your face do be careful around this area, exfoliating too hard on the forehead nose and chin will panic the sebaceous gland which secretes this oil and forces it into overdrive and therefore make more and more oil leaving you oilier and shinier than before.

The Best Way to Exfoliate Sensitive Skin

This recipe is the best method for exfoliating dry and sensitive skin. Make a mixture of cetaphil and baking powder. Massage your face thoroughly and rinse. I do this every time I wash my face, it’s wonderful!

Use in the rough sugar as an exfoliant

I use “in the rough” sugar as an exfoliant, I dampen my skin and scrub my legs and feet with it,and rinse they are always smooth. I do this twice a week. You can also use Brown sugar for the same effect at a lower price.

Best way to shave your legs

Soak your legs in the bath to soften the hairs, then exfoliate or use a loofah, this prevents ingrown hairs, then shave with hair conditioner in the place of shaving foam, leave them beautifully soft.

After Waxing Tip. Tip for after you have waxed your face

After you wax, on the face, absolutely DO NOT put cover up on the spot where you just did it. You will get a burn and your skin will peel and it’s horrible. Believe me, I’ve experienced it. A friend of mine even got a three degree burn!!

Better shave, no razor burn

Before shaving, exfoliate with skin cleanser and baking soda (facial cleanser for face, or shower gel for body). If soaking in the tub, add baking soda to the water. For best results on the body (NOT face), use shower gloves to scrub. Scrub until the skin feels almost numb. I have been doing this for years, and my husband does this before shaving his face, and we never suffer razor burn or bumps!

This is fantastic for the more sensitive areas, such as face, bikini or underarms, but works great on legs, too. Also, due to the exfoliation, you will get a closer, smoother, longer lasting shave.

Plucking hair in ears, your chin, your eyebrows

Hair is one thing that men and women alike battle with through their years. Men will pluck hair from their ears, their nose, on their face and sometimes from other areas of their body. Women will pluck hair from their eyebrows, their nose, sometimes their face, and other areas of their body as well.

Because plucking hair seems to be such an easy way to get rid of that unwanted hair, men and women alike continue to pluck their hair as often as needed. In this article I am going to talk a little about plucking problems, the addiction to plucking hair, and what to do if you have taken out too many hairs where you want to still have some amount of color left where you thinned out the hair.

First let’s start with the ears.

If you are plucking hair in or around the ear you should know that this can be a very sensitive spot to be plucking hair. You should be ready to feel the pull of the hair, and sometimes it can be painful if you are pulling a hair that is growing from deep within your ear. You should never stick anything deep in your ear or you can burst your eardrum. You might want to consider just trimming hair in and around your ears if at all possible. There are both women and men who find later in life that hair will grow in their ears, why? – Simply to control the dirt, dust and such that is in the air from getting to the eardrum. This is how the ear protects itself.

Pluck hairs on Moles

Many people will pluck the hair off a mole on their face, sometimes their arms, and necks. If you find that you are plucking hair off a mole too often, if your mole gets to be discolored or if your mole begins to bleed when you pluck the hair out of it, you may need to see a doctor. Plucking the hair off a mole is what most of us do when the hair gets to be a little long. If you feel a little uncomfortable about plucking a hair off a mole, you can trim the hair with a little pair of scissors without harming your skin at all.

Plucking your Eyebrows

Men and women of all ages can find their eyebrows a little thicker and longer than what they might like them to be. If you are going to start plucking your eyebrows, you need to realize that the more you pluck, the more times you are going to have to do this so you keep the shape and thinness of your eyebrows. If you make a nice little eyebrow by plucking out the hairs that are just too much, you sometimes will run into a sore area. Ice the area, and leave it be. Touching the area that you continue to pluck can make it worse.

If you find that you have taken out too make hairs from your eyebrows, you can use a small eyebrow pencil to fill in that missing area. When choosing an eyebrow pencil choose a color that is the shade of your eyebrows now. Your eyebrows are often a similar shade to the hair on your head, sometimes a little lighter, so be sure to check in the mirror in the store before purchasing any eyebrow pencil to fill in where you pluck too much.

Another trick you can use to minimize mistakes you make in plucking your eyebrows, or in addition, when you don’t have the time to pluck your eyebrows, is the use of eye shadow. You can use darker eye shadow along the higher portions of your eyelids to minimize an overload on the eyebrow hair.

Plucking hairs on your chin

If you find that you have a few long hairs on your chin and you want to pluck them, you can use a pair of tweezers and pull on each hair to take care of this problem. You will find that this area is not as sensitive as other areas of your body might be.

When plucking hairs anywhere on your body be sure that you take your time and look closely before pulling out the hair! Rubbing your skin with a cool lotion after plucking is going to make your skin feel great and look great at the same time.

Prevent , Get rid of Ingrown Hairs

To prevent ingrown hairs, use a loofah! Simple as that. You can find them at any drug store. Before using run it under water than proceed to “rub” it all over the afflicted area. This works on any body part. If your skin is easily irritated you could try lathering up your loofah with soap as that would cause it to glide easier. My waxist told me this one and I live by it…

Shaving for kids

Well, my daughter finally figured out she wants to shave her legs. She is really hairy – so I gave her Nair roll on and it works great!

I tried nair on my face and it burned and I got scabs from my skin have been burnt off. It lasted and hurt for several days.

Shaving your legs

When shaving your legs use your favourite hair conditioner instead of shaving foam it leaves your legs very soft and smooth.

Use lavender essential oil for aftershave

For those who are aware of the many toxic substances in their aftershave but still need it as an antiseptic after a close shave…

Get a small vial of lavender essential oil, and after shaving let a few drops onto your fingertips and smear it evenly on the shaved areas. Smells good too!

Best way to shave your legs

Soak your legs in the bath to soften the hairs, then exfoliate or use a loofah, this prevents ingrown hairs, then shave with hair conditioner in the place of shaving foam, leave them beautifully soft.

Shaving Bumps

Better shave, no razor burn

Before shaving, exfoliate with skin cleanser and baking soda (facial cleanser for face, or shower gel for body). If soaking in the tub, add baking soda to the water. For best results on the body (NOT face), use shower gloves to scrub. Scrub until the skin feels almost numb. I have been doing this for years, and my husband does this before shaving his face, and we never suffer razor burn or bumps!

To prevent shaving bumps

Before you shave, wet your face with hot water. As hot as you can tolerate it. Shaving bumps are caused by shaving over the skin pores when they are closed. Hot water or steam opens the pores.

African-American men need to shave every other day to prevent ingrown hair and promote clear skin. Ingrown hair is caused by hair that grows out and curl back into the skin which causes a bump and puss. burst the bump and remove the hair with tweezers.

Use After shave to close the pores after shaving and use pure cocoa butter and shea butter mix with vitamin E oil.

Witch hazel for shaving bumps

My cousin is a model and he told me that they use Witch Hazel to get rid of shaving bumps on the neck. It looks like a rubbing alcohol bottle, and can be found in the store next to it. It is an astringent that can also be used for minor burns and cuts. It does not hurt. I have a small spray bottle and spray it on my neck right after shaving.

I also shave in the shower and make sure that I get the hot water on my neck before shaving to help open the pores. This has helped eliminate almost all bumps on my neck.

Stretch marks

Getting rid of stretch marks

To remove stretch marks rub some NO-AD hawaiian style dark tanning oil it contains coconut oil cocoa butter and vitamin e rub that over stretch marks 2-3 times a day and u should notice a difference in the apprenance.

They will start to fade and disappear the only thing is stretch marks that have turned white will not disappear but they will blend in only the stretch marks that are a purple or reddish color will disappear

This is just simply not true. Topical applications can only absorb into a few layers of skin and stretch marks are “scars” deep below the skin surface.

How to get rid of stretch marks!

When you get stretch marks they might at first be a red or purple color, if it’s that color it means you still have a chance of removing them.

You just need some egg whites with which you rub onto your stretch marks with a good layer on your skin, then wait about 15 or 20 mins until it is completely dry, then wash off with icy cold water.

Unfortunately stretch marks that have already turned white can not be removed.

I don’t know if it will help fade stretch marks, I know it will tighten the skin on the breast and make them shrink a bit temporarily. Rub vitamin E on your stretch marks and after a while they will start to fade. I’ve also heard that vitamin K fades scars, under eye circles and stretch marks

I know how to get rid of them

Well at least it worked for me, every night I rubbed lots of baby oil on them, especially after I had my first baby, and they vanished.

Help with Shea Butter

Rub shea butter cream on stretch marks right after bathing- mine have faded almost completely.

SUN for stretch marks

Get into the sun, the sun will fade the stretch marks out steadily, also exfoliate in circular motions when in the shower and use stretch mark fade cream to help it along afterwards.

Some things work on some people and not on others! The sun may make this persons stretch marks less noticeable just like they do mine but not your’s, everyone is different! If the sun doesn’t work for you, I know for a fact that it can work for some people because it has worked for me!!


A skin tightener maybe to lessen wrinkles

To tighten your skin , but not exactly reduce wrinkles crack an egg open and put the egg white on your face leave it on while you sleep. In the morning rinse the egg white off your face.

Wrinkles Duct tape

A friend of mine who is the son of a dermatologist told me that if you smooth duct tape on your skin at night, making sure your skin is smooth underneath it, you will get rid of wrinkles and will also prevent wrinkles.

Frown Lines

Every night before bed take some clear first-aid tape, about an inch or two, rip in half and apply an X between your eyes. Test if you can still frown. If so, just apply another stripe of tape on top of first. Looks kinda funny but it works. It also works for those lines on upper lip and helps to soften those laugh lines.

Myths about wrinkles

There are plenty of myths about wrinkles and their prevention and removal. The big ones:

“You can prevent wrinkles.”

Only a little – to prevent them completely, you would have to never go out in the sun, never ever move your facial muscles, and also live in a zero-gravity environment! Using a high SPF sunblock every day, not tanning, and not smoking can help prevent a fair bit of wrinkling, but it is a natural part of the aging process.

“You can remove wrinkles.”

The only way to semi-permanently remove wrinkles is to undergo surgery or have injections of the toxin botulin. Laser treatments and dermabrasion are also not permanent. You can’t fight time and gravity and your wrinkles will eventually return. Creams, oils, massage, wraps – all these are only temporary at best and ineffective at worst. Mostly they appear to work by “plumping up” the skin cells with moisture giving a temporary reduction in wrinkle appearance. If you read the fine print in their advertisements, they say things like ‘results not typical’, ‘effects may be temporary only’, ‘results not guaranteed’ and so on.

Nighttime wrinkles

Olive oil on face every night helps rid of wrinkles and keep more from appearing.

Wrinkles Olive oil

Olive oil on face every night helps rid of wrinkles and keep more from appearing

Wrinkles Unconventional wrinkle tips

There are also some more unconventional tips that have been sent into the site. The first one involved the use of Preparation H which is a hemorrhoid treatment cream. The other was placing duct tape over the wrinkles smoothing them out and then leaving the tape in place overnight. The other would be the use of botox cream to relax facial muscles, helping prevent fine lines induced by repeated facial movements. I strongly advise you to think well before you try any of these unconventional techniques. You could have a reaction to either the cream or the duck tape.

Wonders for crows feet

Got this from one of the sites. I love cheap stuff and this is the cheapest and works wonders not just for crows feet but all over my face. Keep a small bottle in your bag and dab each time you feel dryness on your skin.

1 vitamin E, capsule

3-5 drops rose water

Burst one Vitamin E capsule in a bowl.

2. To its contents, add a few drops of rose water.

3. Mix well.

4. Dab this to the areas around your eyes.

5. This will keep the area smooth and supple and prevent the appearance of fine lines under your eyes.

6. Do this frequently, till you see great results.

Wrinkle cream recipe

The following is a recipe for a skin freshener that doubles up as a tried and tested recipe for wrinkles. Combine 2 tablespoons of. Vodka, 1 tablespoons of fennel seeds, and 1 1/2 teaspoon of. honey. Stir well and allow to sit for 3 days. Strain mixture. Use full strength or add 2 tablespoons of water to dilute. Use a cotton ball to apply to face as a toner. This was also a tried and true recipe for wrinkles.

Wrinkles Wrinkle Fighter

Rub olive oil on our face before you go to sleep at night. The oil prevents wrinkles and softens your skin. If your skin is oily, use sparingly.

Wrinkles try collagen capsules

Try taken 3 collagen capsules a day with water before bedtime, and open a 4th and add about a 3rd to your regular moisturiser. (mines boots time delay. works wonders

Skin Beauty mask for oily skin

Raw oatmeal is still the best mask for oily skin.

Mix 3 tbsp, in 2 tbsp. of cold water and apply directly to the face. Leave on for 5 minutes or until the mask hardens. Rinse with cool water.

Coffee Grounds and Baby Oil

Using Coffee grounds to get rid of cellulite works, but can be messy. Try mixing the coffee grounds with a little Baby Oil and rub it in just before you take a shower. Much less mess and the ground simply wash off in the shower.

Excellent whitener for all types of skin

To one tablespoon of cucumber juice, stir in a few drops of lime juice and a dash of turmeric powder. Mix well and apply over your face and neck.

Leave it on for half an hour and then remove it with ordinary tap water. This lotion makes an excellent whitener for all types of skin.

Face Pack For Smooth Skin

Mix Two Teaspoon of Cucumber Juice, Few Drops of Lemon Juice with Fuller’s Earth(Multani Mitti) & Besan to a diluted paste. Apply it over your face at least four times a week. Result Smooth & Glowing Skin

Firm breasts

Here is a tip for firmer breasts

To firm breasts and tighten the skin, mix one teaspoon of vitamin E oil with one tablespoon of yogurt and an egg.

Massage this mixture into breasts and wear an old bra over the mixture for at least twenty minutes.

Rinse off with warm water.

Tip for a fairer skin

Make a paste out of skimmed milk powder and hydrogen peroxide . Apply it on face and neck and allow it to dry.

Wash this off with lukewarm water after 20 minutes . Do this regularly to get that perfect fair skin which one always desires for.

hydrogen peroxide is a bleaching agent which can enhance ones complexion . but it should not exceed 20vol concentration for avoiding damage to skin

Skin For softer hands and feet

Right before you go to bed rub a good amount of vaseline on your hands and feet, then put socks over them. And they will always stay soft.

Glowing & Fair Skin

Add 1tbs of milk in sandalwood powder apply on your face leave it for 15-20 min wash with ordinary tap water..

Herbal wrap for cellulite

Mix a cup of corn oil with 1/2 cup of grapefruit juice and 2 teaspoons dried thyme. Massage into hip, thigh, and buttock areas. Cover with plastic wrap to lock in body heat. For extra results lay a heating pad over each area for five minutes.

Lemon juice does fade freckles if used properly

Lemon juice does fade freckles if it is used properly. Below is a detailed list to help

The rules

1 Try it out first

apply a little to the patch of skin just below the ear lobe twice a day as outlined by later rules do so for at least a week if no reaction forms you are safe to continue

2 No more than twice a day

3 Fresh is best but any will do

Fresh lemon juice is best but bottled will do if you can try to use preservative free (lime also works but is very harsh and more prone to cause bad reactions)

4 The procedure outlined

Apply the lemon juice to the affected area using a cotton swab (carefully when near the eyes) leave this on for no less than an hour but not longer than twelve

Rinse and moisturize.

5 Balance

In total your treatment hours per day may never exceed 12 out of 24

6 Effects

Effects may vary if you have been using for 1 month and noticed no change then chances are you never will. Normally effects can be seen within two weeks

7 Pale people don’t fret

Lemon juice does fade skin tone but even skin looks more radiant than blotchy skin (if the tone) of your skin really is too light try using a tinted moisturizer instead of you regular one


Tip to make freckles go away

If you are prone to freckles and would rather not have them well read on for a simple yet effective solution.

Rub a little undiluted lemon juice over unwanted freckles every night and in a few weeks they should start to fade.

See also a very helpful checklist sent into the site by Drayden related to this tip

For cellulite, scrub the skin with a bristle brush

For cellulite, scrub the skin with a bristle brush or loofah. Brush in slow sweeps, always toward the heart. There are gloves and mitts available to do this, but they’re not necessary. Try to do this at least five minutes every day.

Tips for a Sexier cleavage with makeup

If you want sexier cleavage, you’ll need a bronze or brown eyeshadow or powder and a black makeup brush, preferably the size you use for blush.

Dab some powder or eyeshadow on it, then dab some on your chest for nicer cleavage, you can also put some white eyeshadow down in the middle of your chest. Hope this gives you a nicer cleavage!

Simply Drink for a smoother skin

To clear acne, pimples, or even get smoother skin, just drink lots and lots of water. It will drain your system of impurities and clear up skin within two to three days.

Tip for oily skin Beauty tips

For oily skin, combine 1/2 cup of cooked oatmeal, 1 egg white, 1 tablespoon of lemon juice, and 1/2 cup of mashed apple into a smooth paste. Apply mixture to your face. Leave treatment on for 15 minutes before rinsing to find fresh clean skin.

Want Soft Hands?

Are your hands as soft and smooth as sandpaper? Just try this trick.

1) On DRY!!! hands use some body exfoliator- I really like the totally juicy grapefruit exfoliator.

2) Rinse with lukewarm water then finish with a shot of cold water on the hands and dry thoroughly onto a towel.

3) Put on a lotion made just for hands– I really like H2O Hand Lotion because it works wonders! It’s best to do this trick at night just through on a pair of moisturizing gloves–

I like bath and body beauty queen wave gloves and sleep in the morning take of the gloves put on some body lotion– DO NOT use the hand lotion it is very heavy and will weigh you down.

I really like Neutrogena Norwegian formula body lotion and then hit the town!

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