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The Best Self Care Tips Ever

Self-Care: Hands

Hangnail prevention and cure

Hangnail is when a piece of skin remains attached to the base or side of your fingernail. The usual cause for this is dry cuticles.

Hangnail prevention and cure Clay for hangnail

When I get a painful hangnail, I use clay to heal it quicker. I use St. Ives’s brand facial mask on the area. It makes a good ‘breathable’ bandage and lasts all day, even washing your hands. Reapply daily. To remove, just rub gently with your fingertips, under warm water.

Hangnail prevention and cure Clip them off

The minute you see a hangnail, clip it off with a pair of nail clippers.

Controlling annoying hanging cuticles!

I discovered that the product called “New Skin”, an antiseptic liquid bandage, can be used to control those annoying hanging cuticles. Just apply the liquid over the cuticle.

Tips for prevention and cure of Hangnail

To prevent hangnails from occurring in the first place, it is a good idea to moisturize your cuticles on a regular basis. At bedtime is a good time. Use cuticle oil or cream and massage into the skin around the base of the nails. You can also use petroleum jelly.

Hangnail prevention and cure Stop picking

Picking at your cuticles can cause hangnail. Picking at your cuticles is a habit, just the same as nail biting and should be avoided.

Hangnail prevention and cure Vitamin E oil

Vitamin E oil is also a great healer for hangnails.

3 easy steps to sexy soft hands

Step 1: Wash your hands, just an ordinary bar of soap to take of the excess dirt, while you’re at it, a scrubbing brush for your nails too.

Step 2: Exfoliate with a general facial or body scrub and rinse.

Step 3: Moisturize, any cream will do, do the tops of your hands first, then your palms, then for the special finish, Vaseline on your cuticles, leave everything Sexy and Soft with instant results.

Aloe plant helps chapped red hands

I bought an aloe plant from the local home improvement store and everytime I get chapped, red hands, I use it. My hands will soak up the aloe like a sponge but if I keep applying it the redness will disappear and my hands will get very soft.

Baby bottom soft hands!!

Mix sugar and lemon juice together (any amount) rubs all around your hands, getting everywhere, keep on for 1 min. Then wash off with warm water. Then you have yourself very soft hands! Works on face too,

Hand treatment. Make your own homemade hand treatment

You can make a quick, inexpensive hand treatment by mixing 1 Tbs. olive oil and one Tbs. sugar. Massage this mixture over your fingers and on the tops of your hands. After 2 minutes, rinse well with water. The sugar is a natural exfoliant and the olive oil leaves your skin silky and smooth!

Calluses on my hands from gardening

I work in my yard all the time gardening. I love to plant flowers and maintain my vegetable garden, but I noticed I get blisters and calluses on my hands and my feet get sweaty and tired so my friend recommended that I try the Personal Pumi Bar from Teregen Personal Products.

It worked great and my hands feel softer and look like I didn’t spend all weekend in the yard. Its a great product u should try if you have the same kinds of problems.

Exfoliate your hands. Tip to exfoliate your hands

To get the best results from your hand creams, the hands need to be exfoliated, so that the cream you apply really sink into the skin.

To exfoliate the hands, put about one tablespoon of white petroleum jelly and two teaspoons of sugar into the palm of the hand. Mix well, making sure you rub the backs of the hands and wrist. Do these for about one minute, then wash the hands well. They will now feel like velvet. Do this about every week to ten days.

Then use a good hand cream and you will find it absorbs much better because you have got rid of all the dead skin cells.

Well, I was a little leary of exfoliating my hands, as here in CO the weather is sooo dry! My hands were cracked and hurt a lot because of wearing latex gloves almost constantly at work and the dry cold wind here. Ouch! I tried this tip and my hands feel sooo nice! Though I need to add here, have the soap ready, right next to you as when you go to wash it off, the petroleum jelly stays! My hands feel great & I will continue this for several weeks. Thanks again!

Keep your hands looking young

No matter what your age, put sunscreen on your hands every day to prevent age spots and wrinkles.

I need some face treatment that will make my face look young and fresh.

Make your hands baby soft

Mix sugar with lotion and rub it in really good, then rinse it off with warm water… your hands will be sooo soft.

I liked it and it worked really well if you use it after the sugar and olive oil scrub. After that put a moisturizer on, then Vaseline.

Makes hands clean and soft

This recipe helps clean your hands and makes them softer. It is easy to make just use

●             3tsp of sugar

●             2tsp of store brand liquid soap

●             3tblspns of rubbing alcohol

Apply to your hands as you would any hand cream

Rubbing alcohol? Thats scary. Why on earth would you wash your hands with rubbing alcohol? Yeah sure it will REALLY clean your hands, but jeez.

My dad use to use old fashion dripping Lard and sugar and rub that into his Calloused hands

Tip for smooth hands

Smooth hands are easy to get if you just follow these old fashioned remedies.

1.            First of all, wash your hands with ice cold water to get blood pumping to your hands. use an herbal (usually a tad bit more expensive) soap to wash your hands for five minutes.

2.            Rub hot scented oil over your hands and let it sit for 10 minutes while you watch your favorite TV Show.

3.            Wash off the oil completely and apply a generous amount of Vaseline to your hands. Put some old socks over your hands, and sleep with the socks and Vaseline on your hands. For extra smooth hands, wear the socks 5 hours before or after bed.

4.            Wash off the Vaseline and rub your hands with Aveeno lotion.

5.            Repeat these steps once a week for smooth, silky hands!

Smooth hands with Vaseline or vegetable oil

Apply Vaseline or vegetable oil to hands. Wrap hands in plastic trash bags or any kind of plastic bag you may have. Keep the bags on for 30 minutes and you will see a difference in cracked and dry hands.

Want Soft Hands?

Are your hands as soft and smooth as sandpaper? Just try this trick.

1) On DRY!!! Hands use some body exfoliator- I really like the totally juicy grapefruit exfoliator.

2) Rinse with lukewarm water then finish with a shot of cold water on the hands and dry thoroughly onto a towel.

3) Put on a lotion made just for hands– I really like H2O Hand Lotion because it works wonders! It’s best to do this trick at night just through on a pair of moisturizing gloves

Self-Care Tips – Jewelry

Cleaning jewelry Alka Seltzer jewelry cleaner

Drop a few alka seltzers in a glass of warm water with your jewelry, cleans it up fast!

I have used this method before. Works great. I actually had a woman who worked at a jewelry store recommend this.

Ammonia cleans jewelry

Ammonia works great, especially on earrings — mine tend to get gunked with hairspray. Toothpaste and water also works.

Either one can damage pearls, though. A drop of shampoo in water wiped on pearls, then wiped off with a soft damp cloth helps keep them clean.

Jewelry Brighten your jewelry

You can brighten your jewelry by using a small brush and dipping it ammonia and scrubbing your jewelry carefully to keep all the dirt off.

Clean plain looking gold with toothpaste

If you have a piece of gold that is looking really plain, buff it with a bit of toothpaste on a clean cloth. This will remove grease, dirt, and grime leaving a great shine!

Jewelry Clean silver jewelry

Just visited your site for the first time, so I hope this tip is not “Old Hat”

Using an old Aluminum saucepan, heat up a mixture of water and salt. Drop your silverware (or jewellry) into it and an electrolytic action takes place, instantly removing the silver tarnish. Note that the tarnish then stains the pan, so it is important to use an old one, and it MUST be aluminium. The tarnish will disappear from every crevice.

This also works if you use an old glass dish lined with ALUMINIUM foil. A small amount of water softener (like Calgon)helps the chemical reaction too.

Cleaning gold with hot soapy water

Cleaning gold is really not as hard as you might think. To clean your gold items in the house, just use soapy hot water. The soapy water is going to break down dirt that are clinging to the metal.  All you have to do for the great shine is to dry with a clean, soft lintless cloth!

Cleaning jewelry

Here’s one I got from Helzberg…in those fancy machines they use to clean your jewelry..? All it is is Mr. Clean (which has ammonia). The trick is to put some

Mr. Clean into a microwavable bowl. Put your jewelry in it, & I do this to my gold and diamond jewelry. Place in microwave for a SHORT time as it heats up quickly. I mean about 10 seconds!

If you have white gold or anything silver, Kays say to dilute it, half and half Mr. Clean (green stuff) and water. I didn’t know this when I did it with 100% Mr. Clean, it was too strong on the metal and it did change it a little bit. Because its white gold, I think the rhodium was fading a little. It’s not as silver as it was. So Kays said to dilute it with water and I have and it looks

Jewelry Cleaning pearls

Pearls can be cleaned by rubbing a soft cloth with a bit of olive oil rubbed over the jewelry.

Cleaning stone set rings and other items

Using an OLD head on an electric toothbrush and a small amount of toothpaste. This cleans all the areas around the stones without being harsh on the jewellery. An electric/battery toothbrush is ideal as it is made to be gentle on teeth and gums and cleans the jewellery perfectly.

Jewelry Denture tablets clean jewelry

Cleaning jewelry is made easy by using two denture tablets in a glass of water and putting your items in the glass before putting the tablets in.

Clean dirt off of jewelry using a bit of toothpaste and a soft cloth.

Keep silver jewellery clean using talc

Keep silver jewellery in talc powder and it won’t discolour.

Shine Brass, jewelry, silver, gold

Try using an old toothbrush with some toothpaste. Add a couple drops of water. Shine away. It is a quick way to bring back the shine. Afterwards you can buy a polishing cloth at most department stores jewelery counters.

Toothpaste for cleaning jewelery

Use any toothpaste with a toothbrush. And give your necklace or dirty ring a scrub.It be shiny again.

I knew about using toothpaste before but I never tried it.Less than five minutes ago i cleaned my boyfriend’s chain and it worked well

I wasn’t happy with the state of my fiance’s ring, so I grabbed it and gave it a good rubbing with a toothbrush like the tip suggested. It came up lovely and clean. Now I’m no longer embarrassed for her to show off her ring in public!

Jewelry Vinegar & costume jewelry

Dipping your costume jewelry in a container of vinegar is going to loosen dirt fast so you can rinse it away.

Is there any tip for lessening the sparkle of my costume jewellery. It’s a little too colourful.

Jewelry Windex and water

Sometimes jewelry cleaner is nowhere to be found. When I need to clean my silver, gold, diamonds (no delicate gems!) I mix a bit of windex and water and let them soak for about 10 minutes. (too long could turn them blue, which is reversible but also avoidable) Also, I like to use those new spinning toothbrushes

it was my jewelers who told me to use windex for cleaning my gold, diamonds, silver. It works! Makes my everything sparkle/shine like new!.

Repair jewelry

Extend the life of Costume Jewellery

To extend the life of your costume jewellery try giving it a light coating of clear nail polish. This creates a barrier between the jewellery and exterior elements like soap, water and your own body oils. When necessary just reapply the clear nail polish

Knots in necklaces and chains. Remove a Knot from a necklace or chain

Necklaces and chains often get little knots in them and you can get those little knots out faster by putting the chain on a flat area, such as your desk and using a pin to pull out the chain without breaking it! Any sewing needle will work just fine.

You are left with an oily chain. How do you get it off quickly?

TipKing says: Just use some liquid dish detergent, it will shift the baby oil

Make costume jewelry last

Do you have a few pieces of costume jewelry that you want to make sure that they last? Coat them in clear nail polish so that they don’t wear as fast.

Tips for the care of costume jewelry

Do you have a favorite string of beads that you just want to wear again? You can restring your beads using fishing line! Fishing line is strong and flexible and you can save your favorite fashion look.

Return the shape of your ring. Reshape your ring

Take your ring and slide it down a pool cue, the circular cue, will push out the dents and return the ring to its almost original circular state.

Getting a stuck ring off of your finger

I first put tape around my finger just past the ring. As the fluid is squeezed out.. your ring actually will be slightly tighter at first. Don’t panic! Then after a half hour of having the tape on… ice your hand and taped finger while holding it above your heart. In 15 minutes.. remove the tape and *quickly* saturate your finger with window cleaner.

Start to twist your ring around your finger while you are pulling it off. If it gets stuck and your finger starts turning color.. apply more ice and keep your hand above your heart. Apply more window cleaner to your ring and dry the fingers your pulling with. Pull one side then the other.. back and forth.. if it is moving slightly it will come off.. so don’t panic about your finger’s color.

Keep working until it comes off. This is a painful procedure… so ice your finger when your done. If at anytime during this procedure your ring wont budge at all… then spray more windex push it back on and go to a jeweler… they will have to cut it off. Good Luck!

Stuck ring on finger Glass cleaner

The best way to get a ring off a finger is with glass cleaner. Our local jewelry store keeps some handy for just this purpose.

Stuck ring on finger Ice

Try this trick to remove a stuck ring. Stick your hands on an ice pack for a few minutes cooling down your hand so your hands won’t be as swollen and you can get your rings off easily.

Ice cube and window cleaner to remove ring

Allow an ice-cube to melt on both sides of the finger – this should take about 5 mins. Then spray some window cleaner on the finger and gently rub in. Remove the ring while turning it from left to right. Believe me, this works and is less sore than amputating.

Thanks for the Hand Over Head for 10 Minutes – Drop into IceCold bowl of water for a couple minutes – Spray Windex around the ring and finger & VOILA! I thought there was no way this ring would come off my finger unless I cut it off… Don’t Give up! I did it all within an episode of “Modern Family” 11/04/2010 – I’m pleased. Thanks again to all who urged this method!

Stuck ring on finger Slap on the soap

I have a tip for a ring stuck on your finger it’s like common sense but it works for me.

Just stick a lot of soap all over your finger, put it under water and start pulling it off until it slips loose.

Stuck ring on finger Soap will help

Most all of us have problems removing our rings in the summer months when the heat is up, and other times when out body temperatures rise causing our fingers to swell. If you are having a bit of a problem getting your rings off add a little soap and twist your ring around a little, it should come right off.

Stuck ring on finger

If you have a Stuck ring on your finger, try mayonnaise, works every time.

Stuck ring on finger Thread to the rescue

Twist a thread or piece of string around your finger below your ring. This is going to cut off your circulation temporarily and you can slip your ring off.

Get a ring off your finger with windex

To get a ring off your finger spray windex on the ring and then slip it off. Windex is better than lotions because it doesn’t damage the stones. As a bonus the ring is shiny afterwards.

Stuck ring on finger Window cleaner

I keep a small plastic bottle of window cleaner in my purse. When a ring gets stuck, I spray the cleaner & it removes the ring every time. This tip was given to me by a jeweler because window cleaner doesn’t “gunk” up diamonds etc.

Allergic to metal? Here is a tip if you are allergic to jewelry metal

If you have a special ring, necklace, bracelet or other item of jewelry that you would love to wear but you are allergic to the metals, you can use clear fingernail polish to coat it – let it dry and then wear without problems! You may have to reapply each time before you wear this metal but well worth the effort.

Charm necklace, choker

Get a piece of ribbon the width and colour you want. It needs to fit loosely like a necklace or snug like a choker. Place a charm on the ribbon, tie it and ta da you have a great accessory that you can make any colour!

Keep Cheap Silver from Leaving Blue Marks

To keep cheap or fake silver from leaving those blue marks on your skin, just coat it with clear nail polish! It stops the silver for oxidizing and you can’t even tell it’s there.

Jewelry Keep your rings safe

When doing the dishes, baking or cleaning in the kitchen it is important that you have a safe place for jewelry that you take off. Putting a cup on the shelf by your sink is a great holder for jewelry. Installing a small hook beside the sink that you can slide your jewelry on will work well also!

Organise your earrings

My mother had a brilliant idea to organize your earrings (or any other small bits of jewellery). Store them in an ice-cube tray (not in the freezer of course!) The pairs stay together and the tray takes up little room in your drawer or on your shelf.

Self-Care Tips – Lips and Nails

If you are a redhead here is a makeup tip

Lots of redheads can’t seem to find the right makeup. If you have red hair, then a good makeup choice for you is brown or neutral colors for your eyes and very light or pale color for your cheeks. Use a lip color similar to the color of your hair

Makeup Instant, cheap lip-gloss

Simply apply a thin coat of Vaseline to your lips then smear any color of all that extra eye shadow and there you have instant, glossy, kissable lips!

This is such an easy way to apply quick lip gloss. It’s not sticky or messy. It makes your lips shine. Its great!

Lightening your foundation

If you have a foundation that is to dark mix it with some moisturizer this lightens your foundation and stops you from looking orange!!!

Instead of mixing your foundation with your moisturizer, I also add water to it. of course it depends on how much foundation you need, but I only use a dime sized amount, and for my moisturizer I use half the amount of foundation, then 2-3 drops of water. It makes your face look alot natural!

Lipstick on your drinking glass tips

To prevent lipstick staining your drinking glass, lick the glass before drinking out of it.

Ok imagine you are at a fancy dinner party and you suddenly get thirsty so the group you are talking to watches you as you stick out your tongue and lick all over your glass and take a dainty sip of your water and continue talking about how none at the party has any manners. It’s a good idea but I decided to give you a hard time.

Might not be the most attractive but it really does work

Is your lipstick running out? Tip to make it last longer

When a favorite lipstick or lipgloss of mine is either down to the end or is messed up in the container. I fix it easily by taking the rest of the lipgloss or lipstick out of the container and melting it down in the microwave for about 30 seconds to 1 minute and pour it back into the container so it can form back into the container. It usually works for me so I do it all the time.

Liquid Eyeliner better than regular eye pencil

It’s better to use liquid eyeliner than the regular eye pencil. Prestige is what I use and it works really well. I bought it like a year and some months ago and it still didn’t run out yet The color is more visible and it will last really long until you wash it off. It’s really easy to wash it off too.

Makeup Longer lasting nail lacquer polish

To extend the life of your nail lacquer/ polish in the bottle, keep it in the fridge. Nail lacquer tends to go “thick” after a short time.Best results are obtained by bringing the lacquer to room temperature before applying to the nails.

Make lipstick last longer

Put your lipstick on and then find an eyeshadow color the coordinating shade and slightly dust just a little over the top. I only do this when going out to a club or somewhere not eating. Otherwise it comes off in balls..

Make up – Keep it looking fresher longer

If you wear makeup in a play, on the stage, on Halloween, or for beauty needs, spritzing your face after you have put your makeup on with mineral oil will keep your makeup looking fresh longer

Make your concealer last

Try using a small make – up brush to apply concealer. It gives you a more accurate application and makes your concealer last longer. When you are done applying concealer with your brush, just dab it lightly with your finger to blend it in. Then use a large blush brush and dust your face lightly with a transparent powder.

Makeup – How you can make your make-up last longer….

I learned this tip from a magazine. It really does work. After you’re done applying your makeup, spray your face lightly with hair spray.

Makeup Make your eyes look HUGE!

Apply a circle of white eyeshadow to the inner corner of your eye. If using eyeliner, don’t put it on the inside rim of your eye it’s bad for the cornea, plus it actually makes eyes look smaller. Instead, line the outside of your eye, making sure the lines you make meet at the outer corner of your eye- this helps make eyes look bigger.

Makeup Remover – Here is a great makeup remover

Almond or sesame oil on a cotton ball will do a great job of taking off makeup, including water-proof mascara!

Nail Polish – Nail Lacquer make them last longer

To extend the life of your nail lacquer/polish in the bottle, keep it in the fridge. Nail lacquer tends to go thick after a short time.Best results are obtained by bringing the lacquer to room temperature before applying to the nails.

Makeup Nail polish removing

Put another layer off nail polish on then wipe them both.

Makeup – No Nail Polish Remover?

If you have run out of nail polish remover, dunk the nail brush into the polish and put a thick coat over your previous polish. Leave for 5 sec and then get a tissue and vigorously rub it off. You may have to do it a couple of times.

This would just waste your nail polish and you’d hardly have any left

This is a good way of taking nail polish off but make sure you use a light color to take it off, if you use a dark one it makes a bit of a mess.

Open eye look to your eye makeup

If you add dark eye shadow to the crease of your eye and then feather it out with a brush or your finger it will make your eyes look deep.

Quickly dry nail polish – Free tips

To Quickly dry fingernail polish, dip your nails in ice water. The polish will harden much faster

To help dry your fingernails after applying nail varnish and prevent them from nicks use a cuticle oil after polishing just apply the oil over the fingernail.

Remove makeup with contact lens solution

If you use contact lens solution to remove your eye makeup it works just as good if not better than eye makeup remover! Just put it on a cotton swab.

Sexier cleavage – Tips for a Sexier cleavage with makeup

If you want sexier cleavage, you’ll need a bronze or brown eyeshadow or powder and a black makeup brush, preferably the size you use for blush.

Dab some powder or eyeshadow on it, then dab some on your chest for nicer cleavage, you can also put some white eyeshadow down in the middle of your chest. Hope this gives you a nicer cleavage!

Super sharp eye, brow & lip pencils

I have found that by putting my pencils in the freezer overnight, it makes them very easy to trim to a sharp point without the tip twisting off in the trimmer.

Tips for applying foundation

1.            Apply foundation with a wedge-shaped cosmetic sponge (they are inexpensive and disposable after you use every corner of them).  It will go on smoother, with more even coverage.

2.  Apply foundation with a damp sponge for sheer coverage. Pat the applicator once or twice on areas that need a bit more coverage, then blend.  This is especially good for hot or humid days.  You don’t sweat through as much.

3.  Apply concealer with ring finger. Make it a shade or two lighter than your skintone. Apply it lightly in a downward triangle from the outer corner of your eye to your nostril.  Trust me! All models and stars do this.  Also apply it in the middle of your forehead, down the bridge of your nose, and the upper lip, also the middle of your chin.  in short, blend it so its practically imperceptible, but is wherever natural light would highlight your face.

4.  Remember to change the tone of your foundation with the changing seasons as your skin lightens, and darkens through the year.  Also, the type, as many people experience drier skin in the winter, and need a more moisturizing; some people in the summer need a lighter one..

To remove eyeliner on the bottom of your eye

To remove eyeliner on the bottom of your eye, what you need is;

●             1 cut up for each eye

●             Water

Get your cutip wet and use your finger pull down you’r eyelid take you’re cutip and gently rub it against where you have eye liner and glide across your eye and turn it around and do it again till all is gone and repeat on the other eye.

Use lipstick for all over color

If you buy a lipstick that you like a lot and it matches your skin tone you can use it as a blush and eyeshadow too!! it will make your makeup bag a little less packed and will save you money!!!

Vaseline – the makeup must have

Vaseline….. it’s the answer to every woman’s prayers. You can put on your lips for a chic finish , slick on your eyelids for a sleek look and you can even use a clean mascara wand and apply Vaseline to eyelashes.

If you mix vaseline with your normal winter powder eye shadow it makes the same shape but in a creme eye shadow great for the summer! On top of all that it helps soothe dry skin. so i think its a makeup must have.

Self-Care Tips – Self esteem

A More Assertive You! Learn to be assertive

Do you feel that others are often taking advantage of you? Are you wanting to express your opinions and your ideas more? Becoming a more assertive person is not something that you are going to be able to accomplish over night, but it is a personal trait that you can make your own with a little work so you can be more assertive in life.

What really is an assertive person? Assertiveness is self-assurance, self-awareness. Assertiveness is your ability and your willingness to speak up for yourself, act for your own good, and to put your view point out there so others are going to hear and know what you have to say, think and what you feel.

If you are like me, I used to find it hard to be the center of attention and the focus of a conversation, but no more! I have found that over the last few months, I can be more assertive and I can make my voice be heard, without having to turn red at the same time. Of course, this did take a bit of practice and a little talking to myself in my head but you too can find it easier to express yourself.

Focus on a central topic or theme that you want to talk about. No matter if you are talking with a mechanic, your boss, your child, or your parent, you can be more assertive by focusing on what you want to say. Learn to talk about a subject and not ‘around’ a subject.

What I mean is say for example, you know your boss is taking advantage of you staying over time, and she keeps putting more work on your desk so you have to stay later and later. What you need to talk to your boss about is how overwhelmed you are with the work you have and what the solution to this problem is.

Do not talk about how late you stayed, do not say that you do not like your job, and don’t try and express how stressed you are but cut to the chase. Tell your boss straight out that you do not know how much longer you can keep up this pace, with the quality work she is expecting. Express your concern about the quality of your work is going to decrease if additional work is added to your load. This is assertive talking, focusing on the topic, and not beating around the bush.

What does it meant to be more assertive? Being assertive means, you are going to confine or constrict your words, actions and your being into meaning what you want it to mean, and nothing less. Being assertive, you stick up for yourself and your feelings. Convey that you are important, and you know what you want. Learn to make decisions and do the actions that put your self interests first. Uphold your personal thoughts, ideas, and feelings, not allowing others to step in on your rights to speak or act.

Learn to say what you mean and mean what you say. If you say you are going to take off work for the weekend, not to work late on Friday, and then your boss hands you two reports due by Monday – tell him or her that you can’t do it. You have plans that you have had in the works for a month and you have already scheduled to leave town. Do not give in and take the work with you.

Say what you mean. Tell everyone that you are off this weekend, all week long. When the boss pulls the usual Friday afternoon assignment, just say no and explain that you have already told him/ her that you are off this weekend.

Mean what you say. If you continue to give in to others demands of your time you are not asserting yourself for what is best for you. Ruining your weekend out of town by working is not being assertive and meaning what you say.

You have the right to say no when you are right. You have the right to believe in what you are doing and others can’t tell you that you have to do it not matter what. If is your regular job, during regular hours, then that is a different matter that you will have to think over. If the task is outside of your responsibilities stick up for your position and quit doing others work for them when then should take on the responsibility their self.

Putting your life in to perspective and giving your self time to live, enjoy and express yourself is a more positive spin on life which being assertive will do for you. Saying what you mean and meaning what you say will make you feel better about yourself; it will lower your stress and worries.

Saying what you mean and meaning what you say is going to minimize any misunderstandings and miscommunications making your life much easier to deal with on a day-to-day basis.

Expressing yourself more effectively is going to reduce stress and propel your career because you are a person that is going to get done what you say you will, when you will, and when it is out of your grasp you will let others know. The stress is gone from your life, no more wondering about ‘how am I going to get this done’.

Becoming more assertive in your career and in your job can help you achieve more, to be in a leadership position because you are no longer a follower – you become a doer, a doer of what you say.

Practice one new assertive sentence each day until you have made it a real habit to say what you mean and mean what you say when it is said. After a few days, the process is easier than ever and your passiveness will be left behind. Make sure your thoughts, feelings, ideas, and techniques are heard by expressing yourself with assertiveness.

Be comfortable with your body

If you are uncomfortable about your body, look on the bright side. limit how much time you spend looking at yourself. If you are bigger find other beautiful famous people who don’t starve themselves, like queen latifa, and Kelly Osborne. also, boys don’t always focus on looks, whenever my guy friends talk about people they say yea she’s cool not yea she’s too fat or too skinny. also I no that everybody says this, but look in the mirror and find the best things about you like I have beautiful eyebrows, or nice cheekbones, or beautiful eyes. also look in the mirror, slap your ass, and yell damn I’m hot!!!!it helps me.

Improve your conversation skills and become the Conversation Guru

Do you find it hard to carry on a conversation with others? Have you always wanted to be able to talk freely about any subject with anyone that you meet? You can make a good impression with others as you learn to express yourself freely. You can use the ideas and tips here to improve your communication skills. Changing how you talk and how you carry on a conversation is not something you are going to be able to change overnight, but a task that if practiced you can increase and better in just a few short weeks!

Part of changing yourself and being different involves your attitude about others. How you see them and what you think that they are ‘seeing’ in you. If you have an attitude that is going to show that you are scared of others, that you worry about how others perceive you and if you always worry about what is being said after you walk away, you are always going to have a hard time talking with others about anything.

To change your attitude and to forget about how others are thinking about you and what they are hearing when you talk you have to remember that the entire process is words, thoughts, feelings and ideas. While it is impossible that others are always going to love what you are saying and that what you are saying is always going to be important, you have to remember that we each have a right to express ourselves about all topics.

To learn how to talk more and to communicate with a better sense of self worth, you need to listen to what is being said. Listen to others opinions and how they are expressing their ideas. Each of us has a different idea and right or wrong, if we do not express them we can’t offer different ideas or experiences about any type of topic.

Listening skills are important to carrying on a conversation. You need to follow the topic and understand what is being said in order to contribute. Often listening well is just a matter of giving others the time to express their opinions and then you can offer your opinion.

When you are standing in a group or if you are standing with a person one on one, you have to keep focused on what is being said. What are the topics right now and why are you involved in this conversation.

You can’t think about what happened the last time you saw this person, you can’t worry about the babysitter, and you can’t worry about what is thought when you express your opinion. You want friends and associates that are going to appreciate your thoughts and ideas and the only way to do this is to express yourself by talking with others.

Communication is often an action that is just a conversation that is taking place because of necessity. Even if you don’t want to talk with certain people, you can easily jump in on a conversation by using just a few sentences in what you say. You don’t have to talk for minutes on end to be part of the conversation you can reiterate what others have been saying, you can offer a brief opinion or you can simply agree with others all to be a part of the conversation.

Eye contract is important during a group or a personal conversation. In order to have others listen to you, you need to look at those who you are talking to. If you are standing around in a circle where three or four people are talking, and you are staring at the ceiling while you are talking or stating your opinion, you are not being heard.

Others are going to feel that you don’t want to talk or express your opinions and that your opinions are not important because you aren’t involved in the group. Look others in the eye, or at least as close to that as you can to get the attention of the entire group.

To jump in on any conversation, even if you are not well versed about a topic, you can ask a question. Questions are one of the easiest ‘ways’ to get in on a conversation and to communicate with others.

If you are practicing in opening up and talking more, keep your comments short and to the point. As you feel more comfortable getting into conversations, you can expand with how much you are talking and the topics you are communicating about.

How can you practice communicating with others? One of the best ways you can start conversing more and with others is by using the phone. Having conversations on the phone you can talk at ease with others, and as you continually are talking on the phone, you feel more at ease in expressing yourself, carry this over to in person conversations.

If you want in on a conversation and don’t know much about what is being talked about, you can offer congratulations, condolences or you can give credit to others. Complementing others to get in on a conversation is one of the easiest things you can do. Don’t be afraid to jump in on the conversation even in if you are just asking questions or offering your opinion to others.

Don’t allow others to upset your day

Don’t allow others to upset your day. If someone is rude or abusive towards you try to understand the pain or fear they are feeling and try to help them through it without letting yourself accept the blame. Give them comfort if they need it, but don’t allow them to use you as a scapegoat for their feelings.

Embarrassing Cover Ups – How to hide your embarrassment

Are you the type of person that is often found to be in an embarrassing situation or maybe others just easily embarrass you. You can take control of the situation no matter how bad the embarrassment was and put the attention off you. The most embarrassing thing that can happen only leads to putting the attention on you.

To control the situation and to get over the problem you have to make as if the situation does not bother you, use humor to control the situation, and to put yourself back out of the spotlight so that the embarrassing situation does not seem so bad after all.

Controlling the Situation

If you have done something that is embarrassing, maybe you passed gas or you spilled a drink, or you said something terrible, just apologize and move on with what you were doing. Making a big deal of what every was embarrassing will only make the other people feel more embarrassed as you continue to apologize and make a big deal about the problem.

Embarrassing situations happen every day. Everyone has problems that are embarrassing or they have done something that is embarrassing at one time or another. The best possible way to get past it and to make the situation comfortable once again is to apologize once and then change the subject.

A major part of overcoming embarrassing situations is just making the moment seem smaller and less important than what you might feel that is was. So you spilled juice all over your papers that you were going to give a speech with, just get up there, make your speech shorter and make the problem ‘go away’. Embarrassing situations are only made worse when you prolong the moment or event.

Learn not to put yourself down and not to make yourself more noticeable than needed. When the embarrassing moment is over, do not start saying things like, I am so stupid, or I am so clumsy. If you start putting yourself down because of an embarrassing moment you are only prolonging how much everyone is thinking about the problem.

The embarrassing moment happened and it will be forgotten as the events of the day or night move on. If you continually are making remarks about yourself being stupid, slow, clumsy or what ever to get over the embarrassing moment, others might start believing in what you are saying with is something else that you don’t want to happen at all.

If you have had an embarrassing moment that you just want to forget, then forget it. Don’t rehash the topic by repeating or telling an embarrassing story about it to others who didn’t know about or see the embarrassing thing happen. Retelling the story again and again to others is only going to open up you emotions and feelings to the embarrassing situation. If you keep bringing the incident up, more and more people are going to know about the embarrassing situation that happened and they are going to tell others as well.

If you have experienced an embarrassing situation, and it involves just one other person learn to live with it. Make an agreement between the two of you that the two of you both realize that it was embarrassing and that it won’t happen again. Make it understood between the two of you that even though you have had an embarrassing moment that the two of you still respect each other and that you are going to remain friends.

When an embarrassing moment happens and you have said something that is just embarrassing to yourself or everyone else, quickly apologize and change the subject. Everyone is human and at one time or another we are all going to say something that is embarrassing, changing the subject makes it seem less important.

Even if you have said something that you know you should not have said, all you have to do is change the topic of conversation, walk away, or turn the station and the moment is forgotten about. Changing the subject or the main entertainment to get everyone’s mind off the embarrassing problem is going to minimize the situation all together.

If you find that embarrassing moment is just following you all through your day, make a joke about it. When you can show others that you don’t mind and don’t care about any type of embarrassing moment, you can feel better about the entire situation.

When another person makes you embarrassed and you are highly upset about it, the best thing that you can do is to confront that person in private. Do not try to get everyone else’s opinion about it, but confront the person that intentionally embarrassed you so you can understand if it was intentional or not. Most likely, the person did not mean to embarrass you and they feel bad about the situation as well.

Feel better about yourself

12 Things you can do to feel better about yourself today!

●             Pick out one feature you really like about yourself.

●             Write a list of everything you’ve accomplished in the last 30 days. No matter how small it may seem.

●             Smile at everybody you see today, and say hi.

●             Do something nice for someone in need.

●             Tell everyone you know, something you like about them you’ll be surprised at how happy you’ll make them as well as how good it will make you feel.

●             Look in the mirror, and tell yourself, you’re a good person. Talk to yourself and point out all the good things you do for other people.

●             Give yourself a relaxing foot massage.

●             Take time for yourself, relax and read a good book.

●             Buy yourself some flowers just because.

●             Go to the park and play on the swings.

●             Take a nature walk with your kids, see who can find the most unusual rocks, leaves, etc.

●             Relax in a chair, close your eyes and remember the last time you really laughed. Try to get that same feeling by imagining that it’s happening right now.

First impressions last

I know that they should not do but it is a fact that first impressions last. So always try to look your best whenever you are going to meet someone new. It will pay off in the end.

Five Fast Tips for Starting Conversations

Do you often find yourself running into people you don’t know, or in places where you always seem to be the new person with no one to talk to? You can start new friendships or at least make new acquaintances when you start talking to others. Making new acquaintances will help when you run into these people again at school functions, business functions, when you are at parties and so many other places! Getting to know people, opening up and talking with someone new is always hard the first time, but after the first couple of words are said, you will find that a conversation is easy after all!

1.            When you are walking into a room for the first time, be sure to look everyone that you come into contact with in the eye and say hello as you are walking by. If you can easily say hello to those you are passing by when you are walking by as you go into a room, you are that much closer to striking up a conversation with someone else because you are going to have ‘broken the ice’ already if you run into those same people again during the course of the night or event.

2.            If there is a table with drinks like coffee or tea, walk up to the table and grab a cup for yourself. Be sure to take notice of anyone standing in line or around the table already, making it a point to ask someone who already has a cup if the coffee is good, or is the tea hot, or maybe you could ask where the decaf is. Starting out a conversation with something as simple as this will get you at least acquainted with someone else. Talk about what the party or even is for; mention something about what they are wearing or just how wonderful the place is – these are great openers to make a conversation with a stranger.

3.            Arrived at a party where you know no one at all? Use name tags if they are provided so that everyone knows that you belong at the party or event and they will also know how to address you. Don’t stand in a corner, but walk to the center of the room or the seating and sit where you find there are lots of people. It is going to be difficult for that first second or two, but look everyone in the eye and say hello as you sit down. If someone is talking, be sure to wait until they are finished talking and then say hello to everyone, introducing yourself, as xxxx from yyyy and you will find that everyone will also start rattling off who they are and where they are from in no time at all. Because you are going to be sitting with others, you can listen to a conversation and jump in if you like, or you can listen to the conversation and nod appropriately as you get a better understanding of who all the people are in this group. If you don’t like one group, move on to another easily by saying excuse me, to the group that you have sat down with first off.

4.            Smokers at most parties will stand in certain areas of any type of event or they will walk out in the hallway during an event to have a cigarette. If you smoke, you can easily start up a conversation with another person that is smoking in the hallway by stating something about how nice the area is, how the event seems to be going off without a hitch, or something about how you each know the host/hostess. Anything that is said about the atmosphere in general, or the people at the event in a general fashion, can be a start to a conversation that could continue when you see each other during the event again.

5.            Have you seen someone sitting in a group of chairs alone, sitting on the couch, or standing by the drink bowl alone? You can easily strike up a conversation by using the old stand by, for example, ‘Hi Harry’, and then you realize it isn’t Harry, and you can break off into, ‘Oh, I am sorry, you look so much like this one good friend of mine that I haven’t seen in ages’ and then you can ask what their name is or introduce yourself. Without your acting too nervous about making this mistake of ‘mistaken identity’, you will find that generally people are more than willing to talk about their selves, their name, where they work, where they are from, how they came to be at this place and so on. It isn’t like you are out looking for a date while at this business, event, meeting, place or convention, so you can strike up a conversation and stop a conversation at any time without having to worry about really ever seeing this person again.

The most important ‘thing’ that you can do when you are going to a new place where there are fresh new faces that you don’t know is to walk up and put yourself in the middle of things. Pretend, in your mind, that you are the new kid in school – and you are out to make at least five new friends or acquaintances during this time. If you find it is easy to talk to one or two people, you could be easily mingling all night long with out much effort at all. By the end of the night, you can put all your business cards, phone numbers or email addresses in one spot in your wallet or purse so you can keep in contact with these people – never know when you might run into them again!

Five steps for More Confidence

In your lifetime you will find that there are those people who are confident about their lives and those who aren’t. If you find that you are not confident about your life, what you do, how you live, and what is going on in your life making changes is going to be the only way to boost your esteem and your confidence levels. Often confidence levels are associated with happiness, a self-happiness in life. Take a look at what you feel good about in life and how confident you are about your skills, abilities, your life, education and your personal life.

The first step for a more confident you are to really sit down and make a listing of the skills, abilities, and the things in your life that you are proud of. When you sit down for a few hours and really think about your life there are many things that a person has to be proud of and confident about.

Think about your health. Other people fight disease, loss of a limb or a sense, and if you your health you already are a person to be confident about whom you are.

Think about your skills and abilities. Are you able to draw, write, sing, talk, read, search, research, solve, organize, drive, walk, run, face fears, take pictures, print items, or what ever it may be, we each have our own special skills. Special skills are what makes us unique from each other. Think about your special skills and be confident about who you are. The things that you do in life, such as baking, cooking, riding, explaining or listening for beginners, are all types of skills that make you a person that you should be proud.

Now that you have made a list of what skills you have, and the special things about you I want you to sit back down and think about what you want in life. If you find it hard to list anything then you should already be proud of who you are and what you have accomplished. When you have accomplished all of your dreams, your ideas and thoughts have all come true you will need to think of other things in life that you haven’t touched upon yet.

If you feel as if you have so much more to do in life to get to be where you want and to have what you want in life, you have a plan. Now you have to work towards that goal. It can take months and years to reach one goal, but you have a purpose in life and you are reaching to get what you want no matter if it is related to your personal being, your family, love, a career, or money. Working towards a goal makes us more confident as a goal in life gives us more meaning and only you can personally set these goals.

If you feel that you have accomplished everything that you want and need in life, you are not really looking hard enough. Finding personal pleasure and setting personal goals for yourself is a part of being happier and having more confidence in everything that you do. Seriously take a look at life and find where your directions and energies should be best spent.

To have more confidence in life:

●             Take a look at what you have, what you need, and where you want to be. This is setting goals in your life. Personal or otherwise.

●             Take stock of what you have accomplished in life, the hard times and the good times, realizing what you have been through, survived and where you are heading in life gives you more confidence as you study your personal being.

How to Start a Conversation

Many times in life you will find that a conversation is difficult to start or continue when you are not very acquainted with that certain other person. In this article I want to tell you more about how to start a conversation and how to keep it going by keeping a few key topics in mind. Remember, no matter who you are talking to, there are going to be things that everyone in life shares which are some of the topics you can get started for a success time!

If you are talking with someone you have just met, pay attention to their name and repeat it. Ask where they are from originally. Asking questions is the first key to getting someone else to talk to you. Asking questions about where they are from, what their job entails or if they have family in the area are key items that people will easily talk about without thinking twice about.

When talking to someone new, that you don’t know that well at all, try to lean forward a little bit and listen closely even if you are not interested. The more interested a person feels that you are in them, the more they are going to talk, and the conversation will continue.

Ask encouraging questions such as your suit is such a wonderful color where ever did you find it? Or something along the lines of I have been searching for a painting just like that, it is brilliant, who is the painter? Something that is personal but not too personal is going to make the other person excited about talking about their selves.

When you want to start a conversation with someone that you want to get to know better without sounding as if you are flirting too much, don’t get too personal too fast. Ask about where they are from, if they are enjoying their selves, and if they like an xxx food that is being served. Say something about the host, the other guests, and ask who they know since you haven’t seen them in this gathering before. Getting the conversation started without flirting can be done and you can find out more about that person at the same time!

Don’t forget that when you are striking up a conversation with someone that you don’t know, they may know the tactics of asking you questions as well. This may very well mean they want to know more about you, or they are just a good conversationalist as you are. Once you get the conversation going by asking a few questions and making comments, don’t leave it be at that, move on to the next possible topic that you have in mind.

To keep a conversation going it is going to be important to realize that your eye contact means that you are interested. If you ask a question and look the other way, the person is going to answer you very shortly leaving your conversation going nowhere at all. Be attentive and look at the person to pay attention and keep them feeling comfortable about talking with you.

What are the topics that you will find others are going to easily talk about?

Most people are going to be open about talking about their families, their children, grandchildren and their accomplishments. Health and health topics are open to most people when it is something that is ‘going’ on or that is in the news at the moment, such as a new vaccine or such.

Clothes, shopping, prices of items and where items have been found are topics that most people are open to. Don’t forget, if you ask a question you might in turn be asked a question so you have to be on your guard about where you shop and where you find deals as well.

Traveling, vacations, and hobbies are an item that many people will find exciting to talk about as these that are topics that everyone shares, and are surprised to find out that there are so many other people that are just as excited to be involved with.

Often religion, politics and wages are not topics that you should approach as you are talking to someone who you are not all that familiar with, and whose views you might not like. If you want to get to know a person better, stay away from these topics until you are better acquainted with a person so you don’t start an argument with someone that you might have to deal with or face in another situation later in life, you never know when you are going to run into some people again in life!

Feel confident about yourself, and talking in a manner that is going to express that you have something to say without being too overbearing when you want to start a new conversation.

Changes to make a new you. Better yourself

Feeling a little blue? Has the rain or the winter months been getting to your mood? A little makeover is just what you need to get your mood up and out of that low spot. Not all of us have the time or the money for a total professional makeover at a beauty salon, but that does not mean that you cannot change your looks, up lift your beauty and your spirits at the same time.

In this article, I am going to give you are few tips and ideas on how to give yourself an inexpensive home makeover that you are just going to love!

Change when you take a bath or shower. If you are currently taking a shower every morning, take it at night. You will feel relaxed and refreshed in the morning. You will notice that your mood will change because it does not take you as long to get ready in the morning and you have a few extra minutes to sip on your coffee or tea!

Take everything out of your closet that you have not worn in six months or a year. If you have many seasons in your area, this could be one reason why you have not worn something, but possibly, you have forgotten that you have certain items!

Pick a few things out of what you have not worn in quite a long time and get rid of everything else. A clean closet is a great feeling that will help you in your makeover. You might even find a new favorite shirt to create an outfit!

After you have gone through your entire closet, it is time to get out to your local thrift store. At the thrift store, you can find many items that will match with the items in your closet that do not have mates, or that will compliment what you have.

At the thrift store you can find jeans for two or three dollars, and tops for two or three dollars, way less than in the regular store so you don’t even have to feel guilty about buying yourself a few things!

Write down what tops you have and what skirts or pants you have. Armed with your list of colors, you can go to the store and find complimentary clothing that will make you feel great and look great at the same time.

Now you have a bit of a new wardrobe there are a few other things that you can do for yourself that won’t cost a lot, but that can make you feel like a million bucks!

One thing that some people, both men and women, will do is get a haircut. If you don’t have the money for a haircut, find a friend who can trim or cut your hair free. Just a little trim on the bangs, or a little cut around the ears make you feel more confident about yourself.

Both men and women also enjoy coloring and or highlighting their hair. You can find semi-permanent type dyes in the retail stores or in your local pharmacy for around five dollars. Lightening or darkening your hair does make you feel better, different and can improve your looks at the same time.

If you are low on money and want to make your body feel better, you can get out and walk a bit. While you may not realize it, a brisk walk, even on a cold morning is going to make your skin glow and it is going to tone your muscles at the same time. Taking a brisk walk, even just once a week can make you feel like a new person as you learn to relax and spend time on yourself for a change.

Want to know a secret that makes a lot of people feel really exciting and fresh? Wear two necklaces, two bracelets or more than one ring at the same time. It really is a different feeling that makes you feel shiny or brighter, for whatever reason, but it is a nice feeling after not feeling so great about yourself for some other reason.

Try new things in life that don’t cost a lot of money and you will feel different, out of the ordinary and fresh about your life once again!

Overcoming the Passive You

The passive you often allows others tell you what to do, how to do it and when you should be doing something. The passive you always wants out, to scream – I have thoughts, feelings and ideas, but you are always worried if any one is going to listen to you. The first step in overcoming the passive you, is to realize that you are passive and that you need to make a more aggressive stance in life to get what you want, when you want it and how you want it.

Passive behaviors are going to be evident in almost everything that we do. Are you the last to get in line? Are you the last to get something free? Do you have problems sending food back when it is totally raw or wrong? Have you been harboring feelings of needing to change for months or years? Now you can make changes in your behavior by understanding how to act and express yourself to get results.

Aggressiveness often is an offensive behavior but assertiveness is an expression of thought or idea. Aggressiveness is going to make others feel bad, to feel threatened or to feel guilty but assertiveness is going to make your ideas, thoughts and feelings known without hurting feelings.

So to leave the passive you behind, you need to learn to be a bit more assertive. Think of it like this: you are going to express yourself with more gusto. With more ummph. This is a start in how you can overcome passive behaviors. When you want to get something done, you approach it, as it is the only thing you have to do and you focus on that until you get it done. This same approach should be used in how you talk, act, walk, and so on in your life to overcome passive behaviors.

Do you always hope things are going to go your way? You are passive if you do. Work to make things happen for yourself. No one is going to hand you anything in life, you have to make it work for yourself. Thinking and hoping that things in your life are going to change is a very passive thought. Need money? Get a job. Tired of being lonely? Get out there and meet people. Want a promotion? Work hard and get noticed!

Are you frustrated that people are often giving you things you don’t want for holidays, birthdays and such? Express what your interests are to others. Let your family, friends and co-workers get to know the real you. Talk to others and become a part of their life. Ask others about their lives and listen to them. By listening you can learn a lot about a person! Get over your passive personality by striking up just one new conversation each day – even if it is just to say hello to someone on the street.

Approach and confront your problems. Do you often wish that problems would go away? Are you finding that no matter what you step in dog poo every morning on the side walks? Alternatively, possibly you find that someone is in your parking space every time you arrive at work or at your apartment.

Confront and take action. Use the rules of life to get what you need, want, and how you should have it. While it can be difficult to approach the neighbor about their dog poo on your lawn, you have to do it. Confronting the problem is the only way the problem is going to be solved.

To get what you want out of life you have to stand up for yourself, without being offensive and too pushy. There is a fine line between being assertive and aggressive. Being aggressive usually means that you are stepping on someone’s toes to get what you want.

Quit being the victim of your own personality. Learn to be stronger and make yourself speak your mind. Once you speak your mind you will feel better, less stress and less worries about things that you spoke your mind about. Do you often feel confused or angry? Talk it out with whoever you are having these feelings about or with and your passive personality will leave you, as you start expressing yourself more often.

When you are more assertive in your life, your life is more in your own control. There are no dependencies on any one or anything else, as long as you are in control of your own destiny!

Reveal the Real You!

  • Accept the fact that you are unique individual with a place to occupy and a special-purpose to fulfill.
  • Choose a goal, for your life and write it down on a 3 X 5 card and look at it every day. Decide what you need to do each day to bring you closer to that goal.
  • Visualize, and tell yourself what ever I want to do, I can do it. Give your dominant thoughts to success, not failure.
  • Master time instead of letting time master you.
  • Remember that you are endowed with the ability to choose and the potential power to accomplish everything you desire.
  • Just compare yourself to REALLY ugly girls for your Self-Esteem
  • It’s easy! Just compare yourself to REALLY ugly girls, it works! Just dont let them know you think they’re ugly, or else theyll have the same problem as you.

Did you ever notice those ugly girls — I mean DOGS — who think they’re so great that you don’t even notice their ugliness? I have known DOGS who are married to gorgeous rich men who dote on them because their wives are completely oblivious to the effect they have on our eyes. Confidence is a beautiful thing…

Sorting Out What you REALLY Want in Life

Daily life is more than just getting up and going to work, feeding the children, and making supper, there just has to be! Daily life is meant to be enjoyed, every minute of it! If you think you are not enjoying life as much as you want, if you feel that you are just getting by and pleasing others – than this article is for your use. I want to teach you more about being assertive, getting what you want out of life, and enjoying life every minute of every day!

What are a few questions that you must learn to ask yourself when you are seeking real daily happiness?

●             What do you have to have?

●             What do you want out of life?

●             What would be nice to have?

How are you doing to answer these questions? You need to classify what’s really important to you. Do you want to be head of the PTA or are you more inclined to be the type to have all the children over for slumber parties? It really is your own decision; you shouldn’t feel stuck in any one role of your life.

If you are devoting too much time to something that you don’t like, only to please other people, than you are really doing the things you do in your life for the wrong reasons. Look for and do what you like most.

The importance of establishing priorities in your life can’t be stressed enough. If you don’t sit down, write out and then live by your list of what is really important to you and what you love to do the most, your dreams of having a full life won’t really ever come true.

Tips to helping you decide what is most important to you personally in life:

Take a month out of your life. Write down everything that you do. Where you go. Who you talk to and where you have been. As you are writing this things down during this one month of your life, put a note, did you have fun, did you laugh, were you there for your son/ daughter/ spouse/ career/ money or just because you were expected to be by someone else.

If you are not answering that you had fun, that you didn’t laugh, or that you didn’t want to be where you were, doing what you did, you should stop doing this!

What you need to do is take a look over your month long listing of things that your did, that you enjoyed, and that you loved most, and make yourself do them more. Possibly it was reading a book, taking a walk, petting the dog, taking the escalator four times with your friend while you were talking, or whatever – but you enjoyed it so do it more often. This is going to help you get more out of your life.

In thinking back about your daily life what are some of the things that you often finding yourself wishing that you had, that you did, or that you could experience? Some of the most exciting things in life are not going to happen unless you put your foot out there and take a step.

What I mean is that if you want to learn to roller blade, go white water rafting, to hang glide, or if you want to learn a new language, fly a kite, dye your hair dark or if you want to get colored contacts then do it! To make your life more meaningful to yourself, you only have to please yourself.

On the other hand, if what is really going to make you happy is to quit working, then you better have a plan on where your money is going to come from. Some of the smallest things in life can make you appreciate your life and enjoy life more than you might have ever thought!

You want, need and wish list can be as long as you would like it to be. Take each day slowly, making changes that affect you in a better way than anything else in your life. Don’t just make all the changes in one day or you may find yourself in some type of social, mental or even physical shock. Make yourself-changes daily. Take steps, but small steps into getting what you want in life so you enjoy every minute of it all!

●             Make your life different

●             Make your life more your own and more enjoyable.

Just a few hints on going through that list that you created. When you are reading it, you may find you want to add things to it. Go ahead, this is only natural. You may find that something that you have wished for in your life turns into a need in your life. For example, you might find that you need that extra time in the morning when the kitchen is quiet so you can drink your coffee and read the paper. Get up before everyone else, or arrange your life so you can be in the kitchen after everyone else leaves for the day.

One by one, work on your listings of what you want and need in your life making them yours.

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